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11/8/2008 c1 3Duuude
I like I like!

And she's my age! Wee!

I just wanted to point that out of course my birthday's waay after hers... it's the last day of the year. *cries*

She would be seventeen already in real life, while I'm still sixteen.

Anyway, great first chapter, concept and character. The part where she tripped was funny and so me.

Her parents sound nice. Hahaha. On to the next chapter..
3/26/2008 c29 5JD xXpulloverXx
update please.
3/22/2008 c29 4January Skies
Awesome story! That last chapter was pretty good. I kinda want her to end up with Tristan, but I'm not sure. I don't like the idea of her and Aaron. However, I think shes kind of an idiot. She thinks to little of herself, and she was being stupid about the whole Hart thing...
3/22/2008 c29 SummerBaby94
Ergh, nothing can ever be fine with Riley, can it?

I wish she coud just pick somebody and stick with them...
3/22/2008 c29 8PandasAreCute
Oh wow, this chapter showed her personality and her thoughts more. It was really good, hmm, she should end up with Tristan eventually I think. Hopefully he'll change for her and actually be decent.

Him and Aaron wanting to share her? Had a feeling that was coming...


I wonder who heard her talking to Josh...
3/21/2008 c29 kingrankar76
Please update soon. I love this chapter btw.
3/21/2008 c29 darkgurl92
omg ...be with eachother already...updates
3/17/2008 c28 5JD xXpulloverXx
update please!
3/12/2008 c28 5Whisper Rayne
3/4/2008 c28 SuperCUTEJensen
great chapter I'm glad she broke up with Hart..he's a jerk..I dont like Casey too.Poor Riley.I like Tristan and Aaron..cant wait to see what happens next
2/21/2008 c28 8PandasAreCute
aww, so sweet. Hart just was too good to be true then? I still love Tristan. I'm glad him and Aaron are friends, fighting gets too much. hehe. =)
2/19/2008 c28 helplessly in love

i cant believe

casey did that to her

what kind of best friend

is that.

i dont think being drunk

is an excuse to have sex with

ur best friend's boyfriend.

but good chapter though=)
2/19/2008 c28 Hopelessly Clueless
Bad Casey! Poor Riley...I wonder if Aaron and Riey get back together...get better soon! Can't wait for your next update! :D
2/18/2008 c28 2midnightbeauty
**grins and claps** First, I knew it, but Hart is an ass. Second, she should get with Tristan! And I really loved this chapter
2/18/2008 c28 SummerBaby94
Thank GOD Riley and Hart are over. I mean, come on, her friend? Oh, and how could Casey do that? I just hope Aaron and Riley end up going out. He's so sweet to her! Hahaha. It's sad how worked up I get over this story. :)
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