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for Don't Make A Scene

9/9/2008 c19 2wistfulpearl
this was really good to read! i'm glad she ended up with ryan even though jackson was also a really likable guy. keep up the good work!
9/4/2008 c1 gwen
WOW. romantic and funny at the same time. this story was very entertaining =) I can't get enough of ryan and lacey though.. please please make a sequel, like when they're grown up or something! hahaha
9/2/2008 c19 3RayaSlayer

that was so sweet!

haha! I loved every moment of it!

I read the story within 2 days, it was THAT good!

Thank you so much!

I enjoyed it immensely
8/30/2008 c19 3rubberduckysabc
Best story ever!
8/25/2008 c15 6productofdreams
This story rocks. I enjoyed it and can't wait to read the rest tomorrow.
8/19/2008 c19 Elle Winters 9
YAY! ryan is the best! =)

and your something like that =P
8/19/2008 c13 Elle Winters 9
Funny.. i always seemed to like Ryan.. even before this.
8/19/2008 c12 Elle Winters 9
havnt actuli read this chapter yet, but after ur mentions of dinners.. Lacey still works right? because that part just seemed to fade after 1 chapter. same with Ryan's little sister.
8/19/2008 c10 Elle Winters 9
hm at first i didint like this story, as in the first chapter, but i kept reading anyway and now it's great!

but anyway..

"first kiss with a new guy" uh didnt she make out with him at the party.. she remembered, but he didnt, but still it wouldn't have been first.
8/18/2008 c16 2x.ablaze
wow! I love this story! It's amazing.

For a person who writes supernatural stories, you've done really well with this.

oh and sweety in this chapter, there's this one line which I picked up on:

"Like she was my guardian angle"

I think that's supposed to say angel not angle

great job once again xo
8/14/2008 c2 2labratv
I just started reading this after finishing Breaking Brian Deacon. I'm really intrigued by it so far and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. Really great job on it. -Amy
8/10/2008 c14 3BanishedPrince
I also wanted to ask you a few questions about DMAS since 've finished it.

the whole thing where Cheyenne tells Lacey about Ryan telling her boys have "peepee's", While reading this it seemed to me that it would somehow have an important effect upon the story (I though that maybe he was trying to warn her about it b/c he had experience somehow with rape or molestation, maybe not personal experience, or maybe he did, I figured that this could have been his big "secret" as to why he was always so mad, or I figured he could have had nonpersonal experience with it) But it turned out he didn't tell her to get back at Lacey and it didn't turn out to be a big issue. maybe I was just reading too much into it, but while reading it I thought it would be a bigger issue, than it was.

At one point during the story you left a comment saying that you had finally decided which character she would end up with. dont' take this the wrong way :) but how could you even wonder?

I lay in bed last night with all kinds of questions on my mind about the story that I wanted to ask you and now these two things are the only ones I can thing of. I truly did like the story though (except for the cussing :D) I went to your website and saw the pictures that went with it and saw the "Picture" explaining where Lacey and Ryan finally "get together", where he tells her to shut up he knows (I absolutely LOVED that statement by the way, it so fit his character, but also shows how much he cared about her and wasn't willing to do anything drastic) But I saw the "picture" before I even got to the part where her and jackson started dating, so the whole time I'm reading I'm waiting on them to get together and then once they do every time the littlest thing happened I'm hoping desperately that they'll break up.

I have started reading BBD, and it's good, but I LOVE this one. I'm crazy about the whole bad boy thing, and i COMPLETELY fell in love with Ryan. i know you said something about this being your first "romance" story, but please don't let this be your last. :d
8/9/2008 c19 BanishedPrince
I just finished reading Don't Make A Scene, and just wanted to tell you that it was FABULOUS! I absolutely loved it, great job.
8/9/2008 c19 9indigolune
great story, i absolutely loved it!
8/9/2008 c2 3BanishedPrince
I am fixing to start Chapter 3 and so far I really like it (well, except for the cussing I guess, I'm not real big on that) But it's good.
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