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6/15/2009 c20 2ilovewriting23
Hello! I am a reader of all of those writers you mentioned, and I noticed tht you, I mean all of you, had the website on your home page. However I cannot read, or understand for that matter the site, I might need some help finding your stories. The thing is that I already read all of Myrika, angels and effects's stories, but i have never read one of yours, and I was just about to, when this happened.

So what I am saying here is that I need help, I am not from Us, not from UK, I normally do not use the site you girls chose, so I need help.

Please answer! **

6/6/2009 c20 1Ivory-pen
It's really a shame when people can't just think for themselves and steal peoples ideas. Your stories are great and as a fellow victim i now how annoying and sad it is to find that others are trying to take away all your hard work.

Hope i'll be able to continue reading the rest of your story :)

Good luck!

6/5/2009 c20 1Andrien
Oh, wow. All I can say is that I'm so, so, so sorry that this happened. I always loved reading your story (you're such a talented writer) and I'm sure it's not easy to take down all your hard work. I wish you the best at LJ and I might have to follow you over there. :]

FP will miss you!
6/4/2009 c20 4ClandestineMadness
I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I've always loved your writing, and I hope that your stand against plagiarizing on FP will have some effect. How exactly can we join the livejournal community? I've never been on LJ before, so I have no idea how it works.
6/4/2009 c20 xDoubleU
I think it's disgusting how plagirism's spreading out and hit the best writers on FP. And not only on FP, it's all over the internet. Hitting story writers, poem writers, etc.

It's just.. Ugh.

How do they feel like when they're praised over something they didn't make? Or when they're removing the writers name and replacing it with their own?
6/4/2009 c20 8aurora borealis
(This is Kjersti when she's logged in.)

Man. I hate plagiarizers. But it's great that you're all going to set up a livejournal community. Guess I'll have to open an account...

Chin up, 99,5 % of your readers would never exploit you because we love your writing and respect your authorship. It's always sad when a few people can destroy a good thing for everybody.

See you on livejournal! :)
6/3/2009 c20 3Jestry
Oh man. You too?

It seems like all the good authors are getting plagiarized these days, which is really really unfortunate. I'm glad that you guys came up with the idea of an LJ account so that we can still keep up with your stories though. I would have been really disappointed if all my favorite authors suddenly stopped posting.

I think the proper quote is "imitation is the highest form of praise". Imitation is okay, because it's just inspiration. You're still doing something original. Plagiarism isn't imitation. It's totally at a different level of low. I'm really sorry that that happened to you though. I can see why you wouldn't appreciate it at all.

Thanks for trusting us enough to leave your stories up on a secured community in LJ. Don't Make a Scene was one of my favorite stories on fictionpress, so I definitely appreciate having a chance to reread it, as well as reading whatever else you have up there.

Well, I'll go ahead and join that community on LJ. My username over there is likkledibbun, in the improbable case that you would care.

I hope nothing else happens to any of your other work!

♥ Jestry
6/3/2009 c20 1MeLove
This is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot believe all of the cases of plagerism...All of you wonderful writers and being destroyed with this crap...I've already made me a LJ account and will be following everyone of you...you deserve at least some respectful readers.
6/3/2009 c20 2Rizzy
:/ this is a saddening to hear. I have a livejournal (xblackwingedx) so I'll definitely be following you there. This is just getting out of hand. Similar things have been happening in art sites as well, I suppose there is an equal risk to having put your work out there, but it just ruins it for the rest of us who work hard in our writing/art, and just to have someone else just pluck it out is a bit maddening.

Blah in any case, hope for the best
6/3/2009 c20 1Alexis.L.Covington
I'm so sorry! People are truly disgusting/ lazy. I just don't understand how someone could be so bold as to steal work we've work months and even years on.

I hope this never happens to you again, though I will be missing you here.

I have LJ.

Good luck with everything and don't let it get you down too much!

5/31/2009 c19 coffeelove220
I’ve just spent the last two days and all my free time reading this story and I’m glad I did. I loved it. I loved Ryan from the beginning and his love/hate (okay so mainly hate lol) relationship with Lacey. You have an impeccable writing technique that makes you not only one of my favourite authors, but one of the best on the site. Kudos to you.
5/29/2009 c19 7Liya Smith
lalalala. i read this story like ten times already. so effin adorable. gosh, ryan... wow.
5/29/2009 c19 Kirakoda

I love this story so much. AH!

I just love how everything turned out. It was all for the best. Good job, I'm planning on reading more of your stories.
5/29/2009 c19 LittlemissPatty
ahh! I so effing love this! waa. It's so sweet. I love Ryan. :) You made me cry when Lacey's mum died and with all the drama with her life. It has great feelings. I absolutely love the spat between Ryan and Lacey everytime. :) So his dad is staying at Milwaukee? 's cool that she's giving his dad a chance. Even more cooler that they both ended up going to the same university! YAY! Cheyenne is so sweet. I wish I had a sister like her. She sure is smart for a 7 year old. damn. :)) All in all, This was one of the most amazing stories i've read here in fiction press and i'm really glad i've sumbled across this (thanks to SKoW) Congrats on all the awards you've recieved. I hope you create a sequel to this. You know. College life. : I'm so reading your other story. :) Again, Congratulations, Thank you, God Bless and Good Luck in everything. :)

xo, pinkstarpatricia
5/26/2009 c19 chocolateandbananas
i think this story was nice.

i think jackson is a really perfect and great and uber awesome guy [minus the whole cheating thing and doing stuff like that when he was drunk thing].

ryan's good too. but yeah, he's such an ass sometimes :P

i like candy, too, for some reason.

not sure what i feel about lacey, though.

anyway, great story, and i appreciate you sharing it here on FP. good luck on your other works!

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