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9/23/2007 c3 SummerBaby94
ryan's such an ass in school and then he's nice at the party... maybe he is good?
9/23/2007 c3 5Mileana
Hah, you were right about the party, very good. Drunken Lacey is funny.

Is it wrong that I like Ryan even when he's being a jerk? He was good at the end though...at least I thought he was, now I'm not sure...argh, you better continue with this amazing updating because, seriously, I need to know.

Great job,

Mileana x
9/23/2007 c3 1d666lisa
Brilliant chapter, I was practically scraming at the screen "DON'T TRUST HIM YOU SILLY GIRL!" :-) please update soon
9/23/2007 c2 Kelly
I so love it so far! And i forgot to mention in the previous chapter's review that the whole description of outfits and hair had me laughing so hard I couldnt breathe! lol
9/23/2007 c1 Kelly - Force Oblique
I loveit so far! It's great!

Haha Ryan is really mean and though it kinda reminds me Twilight, Ryan seems overly mean! lol
9/22/2007 c2 d666lisa
oh I like. PLEASE UPDATE :-)
9/22/2007 c2 5Mileana
Tis good, tis very, very good.

'I hate you. Stare at something else.'-I loved that line.

The party should be interesting and yay for lacey for fighting back.

Bad guys who turn good, you can't go wrong.

Love this story!

Mileana x
9/21/2007 c2 dreamer
lol. I love it so far! Ryan is going to be so mad..
9/21/2007 c2 6MelGrl
can't wait to read more!
9/21/2007 c2 6ObliviousLady
Wow. He's a bully. Lol.

Good job. Keep on updating!
9/21/2007 c1 5Mileana
I was procrastanating (As usual) and was searching through FP, clicked on your profile and -hey- new story!

I like it, already love Ryan, Lacey's a good narrator, back to Ryan-yay, looking forward to more of him.

Your chapter (as per usual)= greatness.

So sorry to hear about your grandpa, hoping he gets better soon.

Mileana x
9/21/2007 c1 95Christy Leigh Stewart
Interesting start you have, itll be interesting to see what you do with it
9/21/2007 c1 1d666lisa
brilliant story, beautifully written. Ryan is adoreable

9/20/2007 c1 6ObliviousLady
hello. interesting start. good job.
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