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for White Rose Red

10/24/2013 c1 6RiotFalling
I love the way you wrote this story, the huge history and implications packed into rambling thoughts.
8/3/2011 c1 229punctured.lungs
Whoa. This is wicked good, really intense. Kind of delirius. I love it.
2/18/2011 c1 AngelWingz
Oh my god. I really really love your story. If I can ever write stories to your standard, I'll be so happy. Please continue to write more!
1/26/2008 c1 12alternate peronality emporium
Very well written. Something about it reminded me of The Royal Tenenbaums, even though I haven't seen that movie in forever.

11/1/2007 c1 8HHHHHHH
An inherited mansion. Fuck that, I'm poor. Do you like making homeless youths jealous? Thanks for the review.
10/5/2007 c1 72Iris Early
yeah, hi, wow.


thanks for the review.


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