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for Dreams of the Sleeping Dragon

7/4/2008 c3 1Xavierus
I apologise for the fact that it has taken me so long to review. Another good chapter, you description is once again excellent, I could see everything clearly in my mind. I do hope that you keep writing because this is a really good story so far.
9/26/2007 c2 1Ialpirgah
Ahh... that would most definately be the detailed writing style of my good friend Benny! Good stuff there, Benny. Keep it up, and I'll keep reading it.

Also, nice to see you making good use of Kasuria. =P
9/25/2007 c2 1Xavierus
Another good chapter. I couldn't see any major problems, juts a few spelling mistakes (Is anything being 'one', Lord Dorian. I think it's upposed to be done, although I could be wrong.) Your description of the master necromancer was very vivid, I could picture it really clearly. Can't wait for the next chapter and please update soon.
9/24/2007 c1 486the bizarrist
A very good start; I'm interested to see where this goes.
9/24/2007 c1 1Xavierus
I like this story so far. It's really well written. I hope that you update soon.

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