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7/7/2012 c33 Guest
Nice read. But nora got on my last nerve! R u still writing?
2/4/2010 c33 christina
wow. Im in love with this story.. it has got everything in it, frendship, relationship, lost love.. you have done a great job! this story reminds me a little of Donna Tartt's the secert history but using emotions/feelings as the main determinant of the relatonships between a group of strangers.. you write with maturity and depth, at times i can so relate with your characters and their feelings.. though there were parts that frustrate me like when Brian and Nora wouldnt say what they really feel and just bury their love; which happens again with Lousia and Brian.. poor guy.. but in the end I cant seem to resent any of them cos that is life, sometimes we cant explain why we do the things we did.. im not sure if im expressing my self but just that your story is a real gem and it touches something in my heart and at the end of it, it seems like i have taken a whole lesson at learning to live, feel and love.. for this i thank you for sharing this classic piece of work.. it is not perfect, i would luv Brian to hav a happy ending (being the romantic that im) but its these little things that leave such a profound impression on the readers.. Im sorry that this did not garner the amount of reviews that it DERSERVES but know that your words has gained a true and awed fan in me. god bless.
8/8/2009 c19 MadameB
Your story is a masterpiece that deserved more attention than it got. I think it is the best one on FP so far. The characterization is excellent, the description is solid and perfectly integrated into the flow of the story.It is as if each character has this loud clear voice and the reader is compelled to keep on listening .You give attention to minute detail and although there was some rambling that is hard to follow at times, I couldn't help but feel,at the end,that if it had been written any differently I wouldn't have appreciated it as much. ok now I'm rambling...

Although I would have liked for it to finish differently,I guess it is selfish of me to want a cliched end.And life is anything but a cliche so I guess I have to recreate my own fantasy ending where Nora and Brian get together :)
6/12/2009 c11 2Ponder000
Its so funny that Brian is the cook, its funnier that he knows what Carmichael likes with his eggs haha

Drunks are gone, they drove away...i pray that they dont crash... so now i can sleep

your story is too cool for school
6/12/2009 c10 Ponder000
Oh dont tell me the gun is the catalyst to a accidental but intentional murder somewhere down the line! What with all the love triangles and pentagons etc


the drunks are still at it, singing again. So i guess im up reading all night
6/12/2009 c7 Ponder000
Even tho the characters dont do or say anything much, the char's are well defined. Well, i have some sort of a picture or an idea in my mind anyway. I think the drunky neighbouries are quieting down for the night! Finally...I think, they might just decide to roar it up again..
6/12/2009 c6 Ponder000
I wonder what goes on in your mind aye? This story is so diff. Im like sitting here chewing gum and reading, should be asleep cos its nearly 2am but it took me nearly 4 hours lying on my matress trying to sleep yesterday, so im gonna tire myself out reading lol. And the drunk next-doorsies are raving on and on so i wouldnt be able to doze anyway...But i have a ball meeting tomorrow though sigh...cant stay up all night reading this! (i have exams to haha)

How Brian keeps seeing 'spot' and 'Thank you for visiting Slow March' in his head, that's something similar to what i experience sometimes,

Your characters is a weird mix of concoctions in their thoughts, actions, habits, what they say, and werid minds. Its weird but real. And things that authors usually dont mention before, you have, just so that it can be that much more real and detailed.
6/12/2009 c5 Ponder000
Alot of the stuff is read-between-the-lines and its awesome, cos i think i understand some of if (well i like to think i do) like the noisy silence stuff and this part

"...not knowing, it was not knowing a lot of things were happening without him and to him and around him. He couldn’t force himself to read into the situations even though they demanded to be read; he felt it a mockery to everything he stood for, something that spoiled his way of seeing, something that might corrupt him and make him dependent on his own paranoia, and even the refusal to do what he ought—to read what he ought—poisoned him, in a way.

It should be obvious, it should be, otherwise, it doesn’t exist.

He wanted to know if it was true, what the true poison was that ..."

I really like the mood of this story, the subtleties and all the feelings instead of actions in it.
6/11/2009 c4 Ponder000
Brian reminds me of the same person back home! This goes to show that your characters are pretty realistic. Like, how Carmichael sees the girls at the party, so true. And the drunkeness portrayed in the party is real too, and the scenes sound similar to my experiences.

Brian didnt like Carmichael but they are still hanging out and there isnt excessive hate words thrown at eachother like other silly stories here on FP.

I usually dont read guy narrator stories, but when i do it has to be good and well written. Like this one. And usually I find I can relate to guy narrators, girl narrators are just too prissy or stupid (even though im a girl).

Keep up the good work =)
6/11/2009 c1 Ponder000
Carmichael totally reminds me of someone back home! (a crush lmao well not really anymore but i still like/am jealous of his personality (both the guy back home and Carmichael's that is)
1/27/2009 c2 Destined2crumble
Okay i just started to read your story and have a quick question does Nora ever talk? And whats up with her, like is she just the silent type or is there something deeper then whats there or would I have to keep reading to understand... sorry i said a quick question lol
11/23/2008 c33 BurnBaby
I cannot believe the amount of reviews this story has. This is probably the best story I have read on fictionpress so far. Most of the stuff is very unoriginal and i felt like i would not ever find something different on here, but this story is remarkable. I truly love it. The characters are realistic and i am very impressed with how their thoughts and emotions are conveyed. You are a great writer keep it up!
4/23/2008 c33 pangur
cwnileufd? cjNSKdf... sdkjfwk iwnefisw viujsndkj djdf duoideh.

that's what i have to say about the ending. actually, nora redeemed herself. she was good. brian was so good. carmichael was a little sad, but good. i'm still thinking on this now, but, the overall consensus is success. in my opinion.
4/23/2008 c33 3KnittingKneedle
I really enjoyed this, you are such a great writer...the end was adorable, not even bitter sweet- just sweet and that paragraph about the strangers at the end was brilliant- I love the way that the themes in your writing are so clear, it gives the story more depth I think...

Fantastic job, you certainly had me hooked all the way through!
4/21/2008 c32 KnittingKneedle
Wow, you are good when it comes to updating, I know I've been struggling personally to find the time as of late...but anyway on with reading.

'though there was at times an unseen pressure. An outside voice, one of protocol, of fate, possibly. But they did not listen to it.' that was a really lovely start, happy but with something ominous lingering :)

The second paragraph seems a bit repetetive, you give us nothing more than what we didn't already learn in 1

You write the interactions in a wonderful way, I'm loving the relationship.

'Once, one of Eileen’s friends visited and went into labor right on her couch' wow that's pretty weird to be happening in your own home. The part with the song made me squee and aww.

Pregnancy...wow, and you're sure this is finishing soon?

Great chapter, great writing...I want to say update soon, but then this will be over :(
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