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9/27/2007 c1 18do the whirlwind
I love the purity and honesty.
9/25/2007 c1 Guest
A desperation, shortness of breath,

Tightness in my chest when I read your words,

A steady, restrained hope that just possibly

We are not so different.

The memories flooding in, mirroring your view,

Remembering the moonlight in your eyes,

A bright, glimmering blue; one that

Returns my look of adoration

Between each kiss.

Something soft and warm

Radiating from you, flowing into my heart,

An unexplained laugh here or there

Simply in disbelief of luck,

Waiting to awake from my dream,

Believing that your golden hair will

Vanish between my fingers,

That your laugh will echo into

An alarm, signaling the rising sun.

Every night my heart beats slowly, forlorn,

As a chirping bird expecting an answer,

Aching for the return

Of your chest against mine.

I have dreamed of your smile,

Of the tenderness in your voice,

Of the passion and understanding;

The way our hands fit so well and

The words we bought with hours

Of our night, hoping the daylight

Never came to disturb us.

You force me to confusion, to questioning,

To seek faith or science or some reason

That could explain away

This blessing of fortune,

And how alike we are

In our love and conviction,

The way we have both been so lost

For far too long.

And perhaps this is only lust,

A new-found obsession

Belying no true love,

But if it is the case,

I would rather have this lust

For only a night

Than the love I have had

For a lifetime.

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