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for Sympathy For The Zombie

10/30/2012 c17 Christine Conley
I was just washing dishes and baking chocolate cut-out Halloween cookies with skull, bat, and pumpkin cookie cutters. a marathon of Friday The 13th movies playing in the background when my thoughts began to wonder about zombies. I have never liked zombies... I am a vampire kinda person. So then this phrase "zombie hierarchy" just popped in my brain. I started wondering about the possibility of zombies having enough juice in their noggins to have such a thing. Then I wondered if I searched this phrase out on the Internet what could possibly come up...which led me to this page and your story. Very cool. I"ll be back and try to keep an open mind about zombies.
8/28/2012 c39 Outraged chick
Wha... What the heck, man? D:
It hasn't been updated and huge cliffhanger and bluhhhhhh!
6/11/2012 c29 slyborg
Resident evil is awesum..and u mentioned it...thank yu. Story is super cool btw.
6/18/2011 c16 1Aeroga
I just started reading this yesterday and I already love it, despite a few spelling errors.

D-Did Aidan just leave Ralphy and Lilian behind?
4/18/2011 c39 swords dragons and diet coke
n.fdngkjdbsbrjxexmsf ohmygod this is so good and i'ma ctually about this close to crying cuz i rlly don't want aiden to die! btw, i think u should update soon =p
4/6/2011 c5 2Creation of Pokerus
What an interesting fiction. Sorry I can't give a more intelligent review.
1/26/2011 c39 Grace Of The Damned
Hi, I have just read your story for the first time and i think it is really good, a little confusing at times but straightens out. Hope you continue this story :D
12/15/2010 c39 Natta
Come on, you can finish this! :) I cant take all the waiting :P
9/8/2010 c39 2ATawnyLion
This was a great chapter. I like the weird relationship between Lily and Yuri. I think Yuri is a really interesting character.

You also did a great job with Della's character and her reaction to Ralphy's death. :(

Keep up the writing! I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/29/2010 c39 Lyonheart91
Wah I love this story where have you gone?
3/2/2010 c39 13VelvetyCheerio
Well. The tone has definitely changed, if I remember correctly. I like this change of pace. :)

Lily is definitely growing as a character, and I like the fact that she's actually seeing that zombie hunting isn't just shooting your gun off and drinking beers. This is very good.

[I missed people laughing at my lame jokes.] XD Don't worry, Lily, I'm still laughing.

As for Yuri, when he went back down there to fend off those zombies... man, I thought for sure he wasn't going to make it. I thought, he is the bravest soul I have ever known. Good thing he survived, though. :D

As for getting Aidan back... how are they going to trade for Aidan if Ralphy is dead? :/ This could prove to be a problem.

Good chapter, I loved it! :D

2/18/2010 c39 Natta
Ive missed Aidan, cant wait to finally "see" him again :)
2/14/2010 c39 7Isforwinners
haha, cheers for the mention.. ^_^

Wow, go Lil, she getting very hardcore isn't she?

Also, I want Aiden to come back.. WA!

Chan't wait for next chapt. Steller job as always.
2/14/2010 c38 3That One Dork Stacey
*Reviewed again* :D

Woot Woot! I love how Yuri is such a believable character- even with the broken english. Actually, I think that;s what makes him believable. Sometime authors who's pieces involve characters with accents, usually isn't so smooth. I can totally picture A rugged guy with a Russian accent. It's really kewl. I love stories that kind of feel like movies.. but better. This would actually be a really interesting movie. I'd watch it!

-Stace :]
2/14/2010 c39 RandomActs
wow,I really felt her desperation,ennui,fright and most of all lack of hope. She needs her man! I will be so sorry for the end of this story. I love it and Lilly!
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