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12/3/2007 c9 cheeky-blossom
hey sister, that was awesome. I can't believe Scarlett, that was so funny. Oh and the experiment, now that is something I have been dying to hear about, and now I know what it is, it is just so funny. I can see some major tension working there, can't wait to read more, you rock my world.
11/28/2007 c8 cheeky-blossom
ooh I love Scarlett, that end bit was awesome, I cannot wait to read more, it was brilliant. Oh god I just loved it.
11/28/2007 c8 28Blackened Blood
I love it. My favourite characters are: Katterina, Belinda, and Scarlett. Please write more soon!
10/15/2007 c7 cheeky-blossom
hey omigod, i absolutely loved this chapter. it was like so funny, when Ash did that whole stealing her homework thing. oh and then he kissed her, and meredith kissed Byron. it seems like everythign is building, into something beautiful. and truthfully I cannot wait for you to update. so please make my day and update as soon as possible.
10/13/2007 c6 Blackened Blood
Wow, its amazing! a love all the different characters with different stories! Please make me happy by updating ASAP! please

Poisoned x Love
10/11/2007 c6 cheeky-blossom
Omigod it was awesoem. and this whole fight between Seth and Belinda, I love it. Can you say drama. oh and the new summary is awesome.
10/7/2007 c5 cheeky-blossom
hey this was awesome, I like Ivan he is kind of cute. and oh Scarlett thing was awesome, I love Gone with the wind so that was really cool.
10/7/2007 c4 cheeky-blossom
hey I like it's awesome. oh and it's building slwoly which I also love.
10/4/2007 c3 cheeky-blossom
hey Bec, this story is so good lol coz i read it and all.

luv lots Chloe
10/4/2007 c2 cheeky-blossom
Hey Bec, whats crackin? lol Scarlett is so awsum lol just like u! it's my birthday! keep writing coz this dtory is da shit! luv u 4eva luv Chloe
10/3/2007 c3 clare
great effort once again

keep it up

look forward to reading the next chapter

um... sometimes it may seem as though some of the characters concentrate on other characters more then themselves but ur probs doin that on purpose

its a great read so many different people in the world

reminds us to love our friends

(even if some people think theyre huge flippen tarts)

love ur one and only

clare xo
10/3/2007 c2 5Lizzy-Lou
I liked this. Switching characters is tricky. It can keep a reader from getting bored, but it can also get a little confusing to a reader. You did a good job keeping it from getting confusing. Aside from a few punctuation errors, this was very good!
10/2/2007 c2 clare
loving it fully sick!

once again a brilliant job from a brilliant writter

this is a cosmic story totally mind controlling

ur such a flipping chasmo

great job

cant wait for the next instalment

keep it up girlfriend!

bye 4 now

clare xo
9/29/2007 c1 clare

well wat can i say ... i really enjoyed reading this. it is well written and very interesting kept my full attention... but u know the oddest thing occured i could totally relate these characters to my friends in real life it was totally weird ... so well done

maybe next time u could write a little more on this monique character lol

many props to u

keep up the good work

look forward to reading the next chapter

bye for now

9/29/2007 c1 9Stahlut
this was so good. I really did enjoy reading it. you just made it so interesting. all the girls are really cool in there own way. And i especially like Scarlett, she is really awesome. and i liked the bit with Katterina as well, it was really funny, she reminds me of a friend of mine... so yeah keep it coming coz I think that it was absolutley fantastic, even witht he spelling mistakes.

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