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for Sophia Daniels and the Gospel of the Night

10/19/2007 c2 21Faith Adeline
I like it. I really do. You had a good opening, and an ending that left me wanting more. Yes, you have to round the more secondary characters, but you can build that up over the chapters. And, I like how different it is from SaSW, I like that it's grimmer and more dark. I love the contrast. I say keep it. I'll read the other two, but I really liked this so, this gets my vote. Hah.

10/17/2007 c2 4Leinnansidhe
Oh. This is interesting.

"Too familiar with the "noir" in film noir." I really liked this line. I've heard every variation of the "this in that", or so I thought, until this one. It's clever.

Overall, I liked how you made the detective job seem unglamourous and actually true-to-life. It was wonderfully refreshing.

Haha, the male exotic dancer thing was a nice touch. That thought always kills me, and this explanation in particular was well done.

Would it be possible to flesh out Nikita more? I know it's one chapter, and that sort of thing takes time, but right now it seems to me that she runs the risk of being a stereotype. Not that it's a huge issue, but if there is the possibility of you writing another chapter, perhaps you could dispell that a bit.

Your syntax is nice, and I found this easy and interesting to read, and gained a solid idea of what I thought Sophia would sound like. I also didn't run across any typos. Hats off to you, I always have a huge issue with typos, however small they may be. It was definitely a plus, considering I just came from a story that I had to read it out loud in order to figure out what it was they were trying to say.

And here, you gave me this gorgeous long review, and mine is tiny in comparison. But I loved the idea you had with the three stories. I'll check out another tomorrow, when I'm free, as now I'm terribly intrigued.

Anyway, have a lovely evening, and expect more reviews from me quite soon.
10/12/2007 c2 Lady Silver fang
Wow! This is a beautiful and well written story so far. I loved it so far. I really could see this in a bookstore like Borders or Walden's and I would buy it then even if I read it here. Please update soon!
10/8/2007 c2 3Kyrina
this is a good story!

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