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12/18/2010 c3 1the clayer
You wrote these essays a long time ago, so I don't know if you'll read this, or if you'll care to reply. But I'd like to say it anyway.

I love your writing. Your introspection has been so honestly and eloquently translated into something written, and I find it truly beautiful that people all over the world in entirely different social contexts can relate to it. I mean, I'm a 17 year old British girl a continent away in college, and I find it incredible that I have no idea who you are, yet feel connected to you after reading this.

On Connection: I think that you have to not be scared to put yourself in someone else's world. You may feel like a loner in comparison to others with wide social networks, but in all honesty they probably feel exactly like you do. To different extents, of course, but the same nonetheless. Disconnected. Liking what they have, but hoping for more. Humans forever take what they have for granted. ;D

And yes, it's frightening speaking out against a majority; hell, it's frightening speaking out at all. It doesn't matter if it's just giving an opinion in a class full of people you don't feel a strong connection with, or whether it's speaking out against a gross injustice when everyone around you is so terrified that their mouths are glued shut. It's frightening. But what's more frightening is that if you don't open your mouth, no-one will ever know what's in your thoughts. Even if someone says something similar, it will never wholly encompass everything you could have said about a matter. No-one will ever know what you thought. And then your chance will have gone, and it won't matter, and it won't be remembered.

I'm a firm believer that you can never know just how much you can affect another person's world. Just speak out. Your outlook on life could mean nothing to many people, but if there's just one person out there who it could save, or change for the better, then it's worth sharing.

On The Ugliest Word: I feel this way about the word 'fag'. I feel this way about the word 'ginge', and the word 'weirdo' and 'freak' and 'whore'. And yes, I feel this way about 'nigger' too. 'Half-breed'. 'Pikey'. 'Frigid'. 'Bible-basher'. 'Paki'. I feel this way about any word in the world said in a hostile, intolerant, unforgiving way.

But most of all, I feel this way about the words created just for the sole purpose of hurting someone.

It's unnecessary, and it's one giant neon sign screaming how frighteningly cruel a thing humanity can be.

On The Human Condition: A perfect world doesn't exist, I think. There will always be conflicts of interest where saving one person condemns another, and some people spend their entire lives battling for a perfect world. These are the people who make it better. They slap society across the face and stand up for what they believe in, and they change things, and even though I'm filled with self-loathing every time I think that humanity needed to be changed in the first place - because Christ have we as a race of animals on this planet truly believed some disgusting things in the past. Homosexuality used to be listed as a mental illness, for crying out loud. We've enslaved people and thought them brainless just because the pigment in their skin was different to us. We've refused equal opportunities to others just because they have a vagina and not a penis. What the hell is wrong with humanity? - the amazing thing is that even though we're all capable of such horrible things, we're growing more tolerant. We should have been tolerant in the first place, but we can't change that now, so we're changing the future.

We're recognising that every human has equal rights. We're recognising that we're not all born with equal opportunities. England and America have set up benefit systems, and they're abused, but they help. Charities strive to help less economically developed countries keep up, and environmental activists strive to show us that we need to slow down. We're recognising that the world needs to change, and we're changing it.

But things will conflict. To survive, you carried out that job in the lot. Your survival conflicted with that of people's who were homeless, and the only thing both parties could do was try their best whilst trying to figure out what the hell is fair in this world. It's all you can do. With an open heart and open mind, just try your best.

I loved reading your essays. Thank you. :] x
4/1/2008 c1 13Lady Erinia
Both of these chapters are of interest, but the first one caught me more, so that is what I will address (even though it was written a little while ago).

There is much I could say on this topic, but I'll try to keep it concise. I think it's an important issue in Western civilization that we are much more likely to be disconnected from each other. This may be one thing that leads to so many people having more psychological problems than there were in the past, such as depression and anxiety.

I personally can relate on some levels to what you've written here. I've had all sorts of reactions to being disconnected, finally finding that connection with special people, and losing it with some except a very few. Regardless of my experiences though, I think you've made some good points that enough people may not be familiar with since it requires some stepping back.
3/30/2008 c2 23Pink Cigarette
I really enjoyed reading these first two chapters. It's easy to relate to, intelligent, and presented in a good manner.

Also, being the internet freak I am, it was the title that actually drew me in. =D Please keep writing.
10/3/2007 c1 12Anon E. Muss
I know exactly your sentiments of disconnection

I've felt the same way for a long time (forever?)

It's not as though I don't have friends, a loving family, inside jokes, etc.

It just always feel that the people surrounding me could easily leave and it would affect me very little, I feel as though there's always something missing from every relationship, that connection I feel like I should have with them

Perhaps you are right, maybe everyone does feel this way and is too afraid to admit it.

Though I hope not, that connection is not absolutely needed to live my life, but I imagine it would make my life better.

We'll see!

Nice insight

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