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7/24/2010 c1 2063M2R
Lol. This is so cool lol. Unexpected, totally unexpected.

I thought it was a real 'victim' and I thought the burning was to tan the colors of the flesh (and possibly... stop the bleeding?).
7/16/2008 c1 10Caecilia
This is so cool!

At first it starts out creepy and you put in amazing description, which helps with the darkness of this piece. Surprised by the ending. I think that you might want to arrange the sentences differently though. I think that having it be in one long paragraph takes away from what the story could be... Then again, that could just be me; I don't like to write in paragraphs.

Really good work!

*for the Beer Run, at the Roadhouse-link in my profile*

7/10/2008 c1 20Twilight Starr
Great job at description. The ending line was purely haunting. Nice work.

~Twilight Starr~
6/15/2008 c1 45sarasoldaccount
haha, good twist! i really like this. at first i thought it was gruesome self-harm cutting, then i got the drift that the author was inflicting pain on another thing (person or creature), but I can honestly say i never expected it to end with a Jack-O-Latern. Good work :)

2/19/2008 c1 5Hoodwynk
I liked the bit about a pendulum. It reminded me a bit of the Tell Tale Heart- how he so carefully, meticulously, delightfully, destroyed and incised the vulture man.
10/20/2007 c1 23WaylanderX
Nice twist. I was wondering what you were mutilating. I was thinking either a human or animal. It surprised me to discover a fruit! Good use of imagery! Keep it up! God bless. Thanks for the review.
10/4/2007 c1 Gladiator
Very nicely done! (It definately beats mine...) I thought you were going for something disgusting, with all your talk about flesh and carving, so the jack-o-lantern suprised me.

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