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for Cold Glitter

12/17/2007 c1 5Ash of Lynne
Great job! The title is a real eye catcher. Verse three is great.
12/10/2007 c1 16Imperfecione
That's really deep. Really sad. Heart-wrenching. I love it.
12/10/2007 c1 612simpleplan13
heart breaking and beautiful.. I love the ending... and the lines "melodious tune that brings tears" awesome piece.. thanks for your review
12/9/2007 c1 3Fan Fan
*grins* Beautiful work. "tears through my veins" really put the male perspective in view, and "You're my angel and make life a gift" was wow...undeniably artful :)
12/9/2007 c1 49Corelli
i really like this. nice flow and imagery. i really like that you did it from a different point of view than yours. awesome write.
10/5/2007 c1 613DiaRose
Wow, that's so heartfelt. Kind of simple wording in spots, but still wonderful. I really love this. Great title as well, I probably wouldn't have read it if I hadn't seen that awesome title, but I'm glad I did.


10/5/2007 c1 6The Melodious Nocturne
Wow, dramatic. I like the last part; it was a mistirious way to end the poem. Good job!

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