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9/23/2018 c16 CassieRay
I think Cassandra's really bitchy considering all that Kelsey's doing for her. Andrew is so complicated and I really can't understand him. I also don't like that he's not nice to Kelsey and always gives her "looks". And what is it with Sandy and Cedric always butting in on Kelsey's business? She's older then them and should learn to tell them off.
But other than that, I think the storyline is AMAZING! I've recommended it to my friends and I hope they read it.
P.s: I hope Brian is taught a very big lesson :)
12/21/2016 c9 writing z genius
I was passing by so I decided to drop by at Dose of your own(smiles) and i usually don't read stories to the end but for this Amazing story,I will read it over and over again. Kudos to you.
really u are one amazing writer
9/2/2015 c22 Guest
me:le gasp poor kelsey
7/15/2015 c33 truh
Gah this was such an amazing read! I simply could not put it down! Although the story does start off a bit slow, eventually you'll ease into Kelsey's world of drama, mystery, and suspense. I love that you keep us on our toes by allowing your readers to try to put pieces together instead of going here's point A and B, and done.

I really enjoyed reading how Kelsey grew up from someone with little foundations to a strong and independent character. I love how you didn't make her perfect but with a lot of flaws that can be quite aggravating at times. You've also made me torn between Brian and Andrew, but I do prefer Andrew with his hot and cold personality. (; I really wish that you would give Brian more chances though. Also, I wish Andrew and Kelsey's situation didn't drag on as long as it did but I guess with Andrew's personality it happened.

I'm usually all for romance with little attention given towards any other matter, but the way that you carved Kelsey's relationship with her family left a big impression on me about how amazing of a writer you are. Coming from a person with a load of siblings myself, it really is hard to maintain a steady and civilized relationship with everyone and you've put that into perspective so perfectly. The way that you broke down Cassandra and Kelsey's relationship is so real to me that you've basically rendered me speechless. Reading about their development unquestionably made me reflect on my own relationship with my sister and just like Kelsey's situation that no matter how much you try to understand and read them it only goes so far. At the end of the day, if they want to be strangers toward you, it's how it will have to be.

Anyway, seriously you are an amazing author and thank you for sharing this story! (: I can't wait to read more pieces from you! Do what you do best and stay awesome!
8/23/2014 c33 Black.rose.petal
.GOD. This story was just unbelievably amazing. I loved it soo much i cant even right now. Im so sad its over. Aaagh. Im glad i read it tho. I thought about quitting when i was at the 4 or 5th chapter because i thought it be predictable and cliche and the girl would get jealous and i REALLY hate stories like that. But i was bored and i decided what the heck why not? And im so so happy i did. This is officially my favourite story. Im gonna go pester all my friends to read it now. Youre absolutely amazing. Keep writing. Ily. P.S Ill login and post another review later. Too lazy right now. :p
4/26/2014 c1 AvReader
Your summary intrigued me, but I feel as if there were too many characters I had to get to know in this one chapter.
2/18/2014 c33 MusicGurl8129
YAY! He hasn't even ever told his Mother he loved her? My Heart is overwhelmed with Emotion and Satisfaction. You have done a great Job with this Story, I felt a lot of what the Characters felt, I enjoyed the worst parts and of course the good parts. I wish we could see into the Future and how they end up, but I'm just going to end it for myself by saying they live 'Happily Ever After'. I mean or course they will have they're Drama, but you know, to summarize it, that's how I hope it ended.
I loved you're Story. Good job. :)
2/18/2014 c28 MusicGurl8129
Aww, that was so sweet of Andrew! But he's still confusing the Life out of me...
2/18/2014 c27 MusicGurl8129
Wow. So much, too much! Things are unraveling... ;)
2/18/2014 c25 MusicGurl8129
YEEEEESSSSSSSS. Yep, it happened, full on lip locking! YAAAAAYYYYYYY! :D
2/18/2014 c24 MusicGurl8129
Oops. I translated it... But I already understood half of it anyways, I mean my Dad's French (but honestly I'm not that good). Then I translated it... I'M SORRY. Anyways, I LOVED this Chapter! It was great to just see them interact with each other! I so badly want to see Andrews POV though... he is such a Mystery...
2/18/2014 c23 MusicGurl8129
Andrew's being Andrew, confusing, mysterious and a jerk all at once. But I LOVEEE him ;(
Don't ask why, I love all Characters.
2/18/2014 c30 MusicGurl8129
When she was with Brian, and it started sounding like she was realizing that she loved Brian, not Andrew etc. etc. I was just... I was so hurt. It was like you're Boyfriend telling you he loved someone else, but less painful (I really get personal sometimes... and too attached..). I thought NO, NO, NO! And then I didn't want to continue, but I made myself, because maybe she would change her mind, and then (like a Miracle) she chose Andrew. I can't even define how relived I was. But then, there was the scene with Andrew & Kelsey, and it was so intense, I didn't even realize, but my face was practically touching the Computer Screen, it was just so intense even. When it was with Brian & Kesley, I was leaning all the way back in my chair, afraid of her her choosing Brian.
Anyways, it had a huge effect on me, and now, I'm reading the next Chapter, cause well I need to know what will conspire. But i'm a little bit nervous... any who love the Drama!
Kelsey's got a point though, I mean Andrew has to be honest and open. he hadn't asked her to be his Girlfriend, or let her in. I hope he realizes this, and that he can tell her how he feels about her.
2/18/2014 c16 MusicGurl8129
I can't believe Andrew kissed her! This was a great Chapter! I enjoyed it a lot, but Andrew is just becoming more and more confusing...
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