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2/13/2010 c3 2Sweet.Linda

Poor Cassandra. That's horrible. Those guys are complete asses. -_-"

I loved the ending though. Of how Cedric was there for her. It was really cute. (:

Amazing chapter; I'm really like this story so far. :D
2/13/2010 c33 mdassley
Great story! I got so caught up in the characters, a great read!

2/12/2010 c33 3Loveology131
that was such a good story and i loved it :D
2/11/2010 c33 2xxjoceyuxx
this story is extremely cute and i love it!
2/10/2010 c1 2Sweet.Linda



2/10/2010 c33 1AsianFlipGurl
ohgosh. I wish I had discovered this story way before! It's really deep, and is all I've been reading ever since a week ago (whereas I should have been doing my piles of homework). I seriously loved the ending, and couldn't bear it when Kelsey and Andrew were apart. Ack! That was just horrible :( But I found it cute that Andrew would put Robert up to the job of watching Kelsey inconspicuously.

I kinda hated Cassandra. Even though she tried to cover everything up with Tara and Brian, she was a jerk to her sister. You don't do that to family, especially the sister who wasn't even close to you and tried to help you. But I guess her personality just added to the plot.

I really enjoyed reading this story!
2/10/2010 c33 thepalechick
Wow...this is not how I imagined things would be wrapped up. I really did not expect Kelsey to end up with Andrew...especially since she finally admitted that he made her feel small and that she deserved better. Having them end up together was an easy out and truly sends the wrong message about what's important in a relationship...how the person makes you feel versus how a kiss feels. UGH. If Sandy was the most selfish character, than Andrew was a close second. Kelsey was moving on, mending friendships, and somehow selfish Andrew steps in and things are great. It just doesn't make sense. I was okay with her being alone and having learned from her experiences. More realistic and in line with her character.

I would have also liked to see some resolution with Sandy...yes we got the conversation with Cedric but that is not really the same thing. It seemed like a cop-out. You're a good writer, you could have written a scene where they "agreed to disagree" or came to some other civil conclusion. Also, a resolution with Brian would have made sense as well. He was always up front with Kelsey and it seemed really abrupt for him to disappear after the parking lot kiss.

I know that this story has been on going for quite some time and that you probably wanted to just finish it up so that it was off your plate. But as someone who followed it since the beginning, I am sad to say that the last 5 or so chapters have not been as strong as I would have liked. Kelsey was always so strong and despite her relationship with her sister...family was always important to her. I can't help but feel that the Kelsey we ended up with was not the same Kelsey you introduced at the beginning or even for the first 2/3 of the story.

I'm sorry if this comes off as harsh...it's just that I had such hopes for how things would come together. That being said, I'd be willing to provide feedback if you decide to edit. Overall, your plot was unique and the story was strong until the tail end of things.
2/9/2010 c33 2renegade01
intense...great story. loved reading it. ;)
2/8/2010 c33 3DarkGoddess3
Really great story. Most stories are predictable but yours kept me guessing for a while on who she would end up with. I loved Andrew so I was glad it was him. Poor Robbie deserved so much better.
2/8/2010 c24 3RMB4
Love the story! Just one minor detail - Andrew adresses Kelsey as a male person in the french bit...she should be called belle, not beaux
2/8/2010 c33 cowow
you have no idea how happy i was to receive the notification for this story.

ack. i love you! seriously. :)

I'm happy with how you ended things. Especially, with Andrew and Kelsey. :) You nearly killed me with the chapter before this, I swear. haha

Overall, I'm happy with this story. :) Looking forward to reading new stories from you! :)
2/8/2010 c33 1Demeterr
Aww such a cute ending. Hmm somehow I thought the end pairing would have been Brian and her - but I think it's been ages since I read it so I forgot the gist of it. I need to reread this now :)
2/8/2010 c33 5luvsummer
This story was awesome! I truly loved it. Great Job! =)
2/8/2010 c33 up in the clouds015
I love your story so much! You're a really awesome writer!

I'm just wondering if you're interested in an idea for another story? I'm a horrible writer and not really fond of writing, but I have this idea stuck in my head that I want to be able to read about. I love to read a lot so if you're interested just PM me i guess...or email me.
2/8/2010 c33 lazygurl2315
You are an amazing writer and I thoroughly enjoyed your story! I haven't read any good stories for a long time and I'm so lucky to have found your story.

Your characters Brian and Robert are really interesting. Maybe you can consider writing a story about them? Just a suggestion though :)

Keep up the good work!
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