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2/18/2014 c15 MusicGurl8129
Weird... did Andrew say something to them about bullying Kesley? Andrew is not making any sense whatsoever.
2/17/2014 c13 MusicGurl8129
HA! Take that Tara! I LOVED Kelsey this Chapter! Can't wait to see what's next! :)
Also I wonder what Andrew & Cassandra & the School Population will think... ;)
2/17/2014 c12 MusicGurl8129
I like Andrew's Character cause he's confusing, and I can't wait to unravel more about him in the next Chapters. I've noticed that you've hinted Kelsey liking Andrew, I think I would actually be down with them together, I mean Enemies turned to lovers would be interesting. I hope that they can grow closer, and start really getting to know each other and be able to enjoy each other's presence and starts getting just a tad bit along. I feel like Andrew feels protective of her, but I don't think he likes her, or at least doesn't know he does (if he were to). I think Cassandra does like/have a crush on Andrew, I think Andrew might like her too, which is why he's helping Kelsey.
I'm enjoying you're Story so far!
2/17/2014 c5 MusicGurl8129
Ooh, this Story is getting good! :D
11/24/2013 c33 4The Phoenix Girl
Great story... Thank you for sharing it :)
10/28/2013 c33 team andrew
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i win
8/30/2013 c33 4Katie-Maude
Just finished re-reading this and I remember how much I really love it. I like that Kelsey and Andrew didn't have a smooth relationship. I swear for the last three chapters I had a kleenex in hand to stop the tears.
8/28/2013 c33 18FreekyDisaster18
Hey, I'm here to share some great news. This story was added to the Love Triangle category over on A Drop of Romeo! :)

Here's the Review:

"Helen Thinks: It's been a long time since I sat and read a suggestion that was longer than ten sentences; seriously being the poetry judge made thinks quick and easy for me; so 'Dose of Your Own' by Our Heartfelt Lies was a real treat. Honestly, the idea of thirty three chapters was daunting at first but thanks to the heat making it impossible to fall asleep at half five in the morning I decided to read the first couple. What was the harm right? Well... I'll tell you what the harm in that was – I could not put it down. Seriously, I have bags under my eyes right now due to lack of sleep because I was hooked. Hooked I tell you. Fantastic.

'Dose of Your Own' follows Kelsey who is out for revenge after the jerk, Brian, broke her sister's heart last semester. The plan is foolproof, or so she thinks. What she did not take into consideration would be that her own nemesis, Andrew, would all of a sudden take an interest in helping nor did she expect their feelings towards each other become less hostile.

Not only did Our Heartfelt Lies have an entire bag of characters, both main and recurring, that had their own qualities but they managed to keep on top of them all without drowning. This, dear readers, I believe is a trait that needs applauding because I bet everyone knows how hard it is to keep on top of endless characters as well as letting them have their own right amount of development. You knew which characters to love, which ones to dislike and which ones you were meant to dislike but secretly your heart was melting for. Like all good love triangles, you definitely have a team to pick for and a love interest that you're rooting for from the get go.

The plot line could seem a little far-fetched. I mean, who would think a sister would go to so much trouble for their sibling? Well actually, I don't think it is. For those of you that know me know I'm a best friends with my younger sister and when her heart was broken a few months ago all I could think about was 'destroying' her partner. I may not have elaborated a scheme as detailed as Kelsey's but I find myself understanding her motives and through that I felt like I had a rapport with her. This is also a fact I'm sure many sisters out there that will read this story will feel.

My only flaw with the story is that at some points I was thinking... huh, how the hell did we get here? Now honestly, it could have been because I was reading it at half past five in the morning while the heat was more like Brazil rather than Britain so my brain cells were fried. Or maybe it was just little bits that needed tidying up when Our Heartfelt Lies finds the time to go back and edit the novel. This, however, should not stop you from reading this amazing story.

So all in all, 'Dose of Your Own' is a story about dysfunctional families, friendships and a breaking the status quo in High School that will have you hooked from the very first chapter and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did."

Keep Writing,

Helen xo
8/13/2013 c33 RueRue1396
ummmmmm... i loved this and really liked the ending but i feel things with Brian did not end.
Anyway yo are a superb writer better than some published authors even.
6/3/2013 c33 Guest
I honestly had much higher expectations for the treatment of your characters. There was a brilliant character arc with Kelsey and Brian, he was different. A foil to Andrew, a plot twist, a perfect opportunity to resolve Kelsey's internal struggles. Andrew was just ridiculous, sure he was adorably cute but he remained stagnant and ignorant throughout the whole story. His role never changed. I could no longer sympathize with jis personality nor situation with his ambiguity. It was a rollercoaster which always ended at the same loop. Brian's interactions with Kelsey threw that loop. It provided insight into more stable dialogue of Kelsey instead of her usual sarcastic whining and it brought the story into another level of maturity. As for the siblings, the character construction was completely set in stone. There was never any chance of resolution within the family nor actual sense of family. Just a bitter group of kids with rhyming names. I think you have a lot of potential as a writer. You draw juicy plots and intriguing character situations but putting your main protagonist with the weakest supposed antagonist ended the story on a disappointing note. It was cliche, and not mention a really bad indirect characterization of Kelsey: she put herself back into the arms of a guy who folled around with her feelings for years. It was all angst and it just sends out the message that girls love the infruriatingly cute ones, even though they verbally abuse them. Best of luck to your future endeavors!
1/27/2013 c1 Guest
FIRST OF ALL I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT THIS STORY DESERVED WAY MORE REVIEWS THAN IT HAS. I clicked on this story expecting a simple romance but this...this left me speechless. I have literally been reading this non-stop for the past 3 or 4 days and my eyes are bloodshot hehe...YOu literally made me fall in love with Brian and Andrew and although I kind of wanted Kels to pick Brian, in my heart I think she belongs with Andrew. Props to you on making such a complex plot, I can't even begin to explain...One of the BEST stories I have read on fictionpress and REALLY REALLY well developed. I wish the whole Sandy and Kels thing could have been resolved, but realistically, I realize that this would probably not be the case. The one thing I really really really wish you had done, was include some sort of formal ending with Brian. It's just...he was really a big part of the story, even if Andrew was in it more, and they just ended things...badly. Like I wish they had had one last conversation that ended on a better or more understanding note because I just feel SO bad for Brian because he was such a good guy but SO tortured. UGH THE FEELS YOU EVOKE IN ME GOSH. BUT OVERALL THIS STORY WAS PERFECT AND I WISH YOU WOULD GET INTO WRITING AGAIN SOON! Gahh I haven't been this excited about anything in...well ever. You could DEFINITELY get this story published. Just bravo to you seriously, you deserve it and most importantly THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving this great of a story to your readers. :)
10/21/2012 c33 ellaistria
WOW. Just... wow. I mean, I feel like I have so, so much to say to you and I'm sure my review is going to suck. Anyway, where to start? Hello there, stranger! I just absolutely akjdhsagdahfgadhfajdgfgfdahg jhfgfhdsgjhhhgg freaking ajhdajgfdgfhfgfhgfahfshfdsgh ag loved this story. Just like that. I absofreakinglutely loved this story. And its characters. God, I don't even know where to begin. I'm so thankful I ended on your fictionpress and I'm so thankful I bumped into this story.
I just loved Kelsey. I loved Cassandra. I loved Brian. And I absolutely loved Andrew. It's just... I don't know. You've managed to put these characters, to create them, to shape them and here they are and you probably are never going to know how much an attitude or an experience or a phrase has resembled to an attitude or an experience or a phrase I happened to hear or say or avoid in my life.
It's like I've read part of myself and part of my life in your story. Is that even possible? But, I mean, it happens. At least to me it does. I just read so much into things that I honestly end up falling in love with characters and the way they express themselves or the way they mess up or the way they just leave so many things unsaid.
I don't know, I feel like I have so much to say to you but I just can’t put it into words right now. I've read these past 33 chapters in a blur and I just completely fell for your story. And I'm so grateful. Simply that, I'm grateful. I’m grateful that you’ve stick to this story and that you’ve managed to finish it, it has been a pleasure reading it.
All my best wishes to you and, once again, thank you so much. For creating this story, these characters, for reminding me feelings and emotions… I don’t know! Just thank you. So much.
7/29/2012 c33 bobbobin
Love the story. But I TRULY wish that Kelsey ended up with Brian instead.
7/23/2012 c33 Fresh Harvest
This might be shorter than I tend to review things, and I do think your story could benefit from some proofreading and editing (but I suppose almost every story can!), but what I really wanted to commend you on is the plot. I've pretty much never read a Romance story where the plot was so well thought-out-you clearly had the groundwork going from the beginning, so that all the twists and turns made sense. Awesome job on holding a very complex plot together.

That being said, I think the relationships could have been fleshed out better, perhaps; on the one hand, kudos to you for keeping the reader guessing about whether Kelsey would end up with Andrew or Brian. On the other hand, the ending felt a little sudden because of all the guesswork. It kind of made sense because Andrew had been in the story a lot more, but I didn't feel like her issues with him (or with Brian) were really resolved in a satisfactory way. It just seemed like they were somewhat hormonal, and Brian just disappeared.

Really love how the plot kept me guessing, though. I think you did a fine job overall :)
7/6/2012 c33 Guest
I honestly have no idea how to explain the myriad of emotions im feeling right now. Your writing style, the way you depict your characters as three dimensional and the way you create the situations around them and keep the readers guessing is commendable. No story/book I've read is as good at this. Now I know I'm going to sound very contradicting but I didn't like your story. Maybe because your main character reminded me of myself and that the story lacked the usual humor or quirkiness in characters I prefer. But, I was absolutely enthralled. Still am. Only one other thing has made me feel like this and its the Vampire Diaries (TV Show) because like this, the characters in it are three dimensional and go through a journey of self realization. I guess I'm trying to say that what I love in this story is the way you describe your characters and peel off layers and layers into their background and how you make it seem so real and keep us guessing the way life does. I guess I don't really like the events in it. Too much drama, to little humor. But forget that measely fact and everything else was perfect. And what I really liked most about this fic was that in the last three chapters you literally kept me guessing who Kels was going to choose. Usually I'm pretty good at deciding who it is and it usually turns out to be that person but I dont know, I suppose it was wishful thinking on my part for hoping Kelsey to choose Brian.
For such a brilliant fic, I'm surprised it has less than a thousand reviews.
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