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7/1/2012 c33 2loveofallthatisawesome
I really loved this story, especially all the planning you did. I can't imagine what you did to keep the storyline in check and to have all the character's actions be justified and all that. I would have found it all very confusing.

I know a lot of people hated Andrew but I didn't. At all. I really liked him. I thought he had no obligation to Kelsey and so what if he was acting like a jerk? Kelsey acted like that towards him too. The ending seemed a little rushed to me though. Like, I don't know, Andrew became this very needy person at the end almost. He was all normal and everything and suddenly he kisses Kelsey (the second time) and it's like now he needs her there to live or something.
That's something else that bothered me, it was like Kelsey felt she did nothing wrong to Andrew. He may not have specified the details of their relationship but she should know that she can't go around kissing two people all willy-nilly. Someone's going to get hurt, and that person was Andrew. She should not have cut it all off, especially since she was in the wrong. I understand that being basically avoided by him at all times really hurts, but he explained himself, and it was almost like Kelsey just wanted him to come back and beg for her forgiveness. Kind of like when she got all flustered because Brian didn't keep on asking her to the homecoming. I just thought she was being very selfish and I believe she should have gone back and asked for Andrew to forgive her and not the other way around.

She's the one who misconstrued everything anyway. She should have apologized to everyone. She should not have gotten into her sister's business, she should not have involved herself and other people into her stupid plan, and she should have been honest with both Andrew and Brian when it became obvious that their feelings were more than games.

But I really loved Andrew. His confidence is really admirable, and the way he actually understands the things going on around him really made me glad.

I didn't not like Kelsey, I just think she made a lot of stupid decisions, but I really did love this story. It was very well written, the characters are very distinguishable and well-developed, and the entire concept was great.

So thank you! :D
6/8/2012 c33 Calli Rawn 819024



I wanted to punch Andrew in the face! And Cassandra, especially her, that stupid bitch. With a brick. And Tara, but not as much. Surprisingly. BUT OMFG ANDREW. I LOVED HIM. I DID, BUT I STILL WANTED TO PUNCH HIS FACE IN. Dumbass. AND THROW A CHAIR AT THE KELSEY'S SCHOOL MATES.

I love you. And your story.

Kelsey, I loved her as a character, but in some points she seemed a little too weak, but I absolutely loved how you made her hold her own, just the thought of her sister being hurt made her grow a bigger backbone. But that was her character right? She was too nice to be mean. I loved her. I admire her loyalty.

And I loved Brian too. I mean, at first I didn't like how he was so fucking cocky, but shit. I started to like him even more. And I liked when you made Kelsey give him hugs after the games. And you made me wanna give him a hug too when they lost a game. AH.

And Mora... I liked her. But I wanted to kick her too, I don't know why...but I did. I mean I understand how she reacted when Jessica said to look from her point of view.

... I honest to God, wanted her to end up with Brian. Because fucking Andrew was being a total douche by making it seem like he was embarrassed of Kelsey. And seriously... ugh. Was he like that because of his parents, so closed off? It was his fault for Kelsey to even consider being with Brian. And you didn't let her tell Andrew that she pretty much blew Brian off when Andrew called before he exploded on her. Jesus. I was totally waiting for that. Like movie passionate, angry arguments.

OMG, and Cedric... I love how he will always be there for his other half. But damn, couldn't he just think of his other sister too? Be a little more... nicer, instead of picking sides? I mean, they share the same blood still! He pissed me off too.

Some part of their arguments made me tear up and get all emotional too. -_-

UGH. It won't let me log in. D: so I left my ID number.
3/13/2012 c33 milknhoney1230
Great Story. Favourited :)
2/20/2012 c33 Octopus123
so . i cant even... my life...i love you...
1/20/2012 c33 leavemeialone
I am so glad that I have finally read this story. I really enjoy it. I like Kelsey, she seemed like what she was doing in the beginning was good, but in the end, her intentions changed. I like how Andrew was constantly there for her. I like how much he likes her. I thought Brian was certainly something. I am glad to see he was good. I am sort of sad she didn't end up with Brian. I thought she would have when he gave his speech. But, I also like Andrew. I am really conflicted between the two. Her relationship with her sister is very strained. I wouldn't have dreamed or predicted her sister was like that. But, I think she is capable of change though. All I have to say is that this is an amazing story!
1/2/2012 c33 veroniica
11/5/2011 c33 Eloyse
What an amazing story! I stayed up entirely too late reading it and put off way too much that I should have been doing - but that's what marks a truly wonderful story I suppose! I will most certainly be favoriting "Dose of Your Own" and coming back to re-read it in the future - thank you SO much for posting this and sharing your story with the Fiction Press community!
10/23/2011 c24 Squish
I HAVE THE EXACT SAME BOOK! Love the story so far, it's awesome!
10/16/2011 c3 1leavesfallingup
Kids in highschool, especially the popular crowd, can be unbelievably, horribly cruel. I wish that the incident you described here was pure fiction, but it is also true-to-life.

The one silver lining is that Cassandra will probably be wiser about her choice of boyfriends after this.
10/16/2011 c1 leavesfallingup
Rule number 1 for t-shirts and tatoos: If you are going to get something in a foreign language, make sure that you know what it says.
9/19/2011 c18 Crazy girl
You are a brilliant writer! You know that, right? I love the amount of drama in this story. This is the type of story that I keep searching for and very rarely find. You've got me hooked and now I can't do anything else before finishing this. I really like the way you have made Kelsey. In most other 1st person narrative stories, you can guess what the opposite lead character is thinking and feeling. But somehow you have managed to create a truly enigmatic aura around Andrew. If I decide he has feelings for Kelsey at one moment, I'm proven wrong the next instant. I really hope that I can become as good an author as you some day.
7/17/2011 c33 dust and glitter
... I have read this entire thing in one day and I am not sorry. This is just so gukesifdj. And the whole twist with Cassandra! This story is literally full of unexpected twists and turns and none of them are cliché at all. I mean, the plot of this story could have gone several ways but you just mastered it! Gaaah, I am just so in awe, you have no idea. I'm trying to be a concise reviewer but it's really not working. Do me a favour: keep up the insane writing!

Yours (still reeling in shock)

7/3/2011 c1 WhispersOfmyHeart
So I loved it, hands down ! I wish I had a guy like Andrew, Robbie, or even Bryan :) I think Bryan and Robbie deserve a happy ending as well don't you think lol. I didn't like the way Kelsey handled the Bryan situation I'll be honest. I think you should write me as the character in the story one of them fall for lol =p Looking forward to an update please.
6/27/2011 c21 Angel
It's safe to say that shit took a surprising turn after ch. 21. I'm so confused right now, which means you did your job as am author.
6/25/2011 c33 popo-chan-xo
It was confusing and hard to keep up with some parts, but I guess that was the point, eh?

Maybe, if you plan on editing this, you could clear up the whole sister thing near the end. I didn't really get how Cassandra was the culprit behind everything. And, while you're at it, you could clear up some things between the sisters. Or make a sequel. All I know is, I have a sister and I'd hate to have that kind of relationship with her.

Other than that, cheers! Great job. Favorited. Keep writing!
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