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for The Murder of the Innocent

10/11/2007 c1 5Shdwphoenix
Oh! Murder and intrigue! :D

I absolutely adore your first chapter. I know it's supposed to be serious, seeing as how somebody was killed and there's a power-hungry murderer stalking the night and hurting books, but you've got a great way of slipping a little light-heartedness into even a grim beginning like that. Sentences such as "But the handkerchief sellers did best that day, because everyone was crying" give the mood an ironic fairy-tale feel, and I love it.

Story book characters are actual living people in this writer's heaven of a city? I'm extremely interested in learning more about how this little world all works. And the characters so far are so colorful... Natasha's friends, the Council of Wise Old Men (I really enjoyed their discussions in Chapter Two, by the way)... I'm looking forward to watching this develop.

I see trouble on the horizon for Natasha...

Keep up the fantastic work. :]

- Shdwphoenix

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