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7/13/2009 c3 Vici Daily
Oh this story is so good! I can't wait for an update! Great job...~Angela
4/14/2008 c3 8heartfeltlove
Awesome Chapter!

You updated again!

A meeting in the club... Go figure
4/8/2008 c3 6leaky pen
I love your story very much! Aiden sounds like an absolute doll. Please, update soon, I'm very anxious to see what you write next.

Also, you made two spelling mistakes about one-third way into the chapter. You spelled "rockstar" as "rackstar". I'm not sure if you wanted it to be "rack" because Ivy was talking about the girls big boobs, but that was probably just a typo.

And "alchohal" is alcohol.

Sorry for the critiques, it's just sort of constructive criticizm, that's all. : )
4/6/2008 c3 1funnechick
I really like this story so far...I just hope it doesn't take you too long to get out the next chapter. P.S.-I love that the main character is from Alabama, that's my homestate as well! :)
1/5/2008 c2 Roman Candles
Great start! Please update soon.
1/5/2008 c2 8heartfeltlove
Awesome chapter!

I saw one mistake;

There was a fast song on and I was actually having fun until he started getting to...touchy.

You put "to" instead of "too"

but don't worry everyone makes mistakes!

Oh and my nephew's name is tristan...lol

Great job-mia
1/4/2008 c1 heartfeltlove
I really like this!

I don't know why no one Reviewed?

Your story seems like a replica of a story I started about a year ago...But I never finished unfournatly I lost all my files.

Anyways are you going to finish this?

oh and if you need any elp feel free to let me know.

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