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1/9/2010 c12 nicole

A review in a long time huh? omg you toot, I want you to update this so bad. I vote for Nate! But you better study rather than update this. Unless its relax-time haha. (I feel selfish.)

So sweet.
10/3/2008 c12 wristbands are out of fashion
you know who i am :D

i hope.

update when you can.

i told you i'd read your stuff! :D

cya tmr :D
7/2/2008 c12 eilzabeth

nathaniel is so cute. :D

she'll end up with him right!

6/23/2008 c11 hannah

Hahas. Wanted to thank you for dedicating the last chapter to me- the kissing scene. Hah. Anyway, THANKS! Hahas. =D anyway, you finally updated! Update the other story too! And oh oh, I wanna read more about nicolas ^^

So update soon! I cant believe you only updated one chapter during the entire june hols dudette.
6/21/2008 c11 elizabeth
[too lazy to log in, obviously]

anyway, YAY you finally updated! and nate is cute:D

but who will she end up with T.T

P.S. you did research. lss will be proud of you. x)

6/17/2008 c10 Parker
Hello hello! I still like Nathan quite a bit (:D), maybe until I know Nicholas more when I think of him I think of some burly guy D: Haha but he's nice though. The robe thing. Why does he keep going "kid" =/ :) You could do by updating more ;D
6/16/2008 c10 1Tatiana Moore
Hey Vocecara!

Yay I got a chance to read this and review before leaving work! :) It was sorta a slow day after all :). First off, have confidence in your writing! :) Don't invite peope to say it's bad (it's not!). I think you're doing a great job. I guess the only constructive criticism I'd say would be to set the scene a little more. You're very good with dialogue and everything, but after that I'm sorta left wondering what the environment/places look like. Where are your characters, etc.? I think if you were to add a little more description your story would really come alive.

I like your characters. I find them interesting and unique, so KUDOS! Good luck with writing the rest of this-don't wory if it takes some time. Everyone gets busy now and then. I'm sure when I start school in September my stories will slow down considerably.

Anyway, take care, keep writing, and thanks for sharing! :)T
5/28/2008 c10 jem

Nat is hilarious. Hoho (:

I like. Update soon :D
5/25/2008 c10 annabelle lazy as usual

(i somehow still like him more even though my impression of him is fat xD)

5/25/2008 c10 3Mercyette
Review for the Review Game's Review Marathon! (link im lookup)

So, I'm finally caught up! Again, this chapter was very sweet. And I was right! Nathan is totally jealous! It adds charm to his character. :) I like the fact how you have Nicholas be so overprotective of her. I thought that was sweet, too.

You might want to go back over this chapter and edit a bit. You mixed up your sentence a bit when she said "they baby I have to deliver", which sort of threw the rest of thier conversation out of whack, Just thought I'd point it out.

I'm looking forward to future updates!
5/25/2008 c9 Mercyette
Hmm, I think Nathan might be a tad bit jealous, don't you think? This was a really cute chapter and I loved the ending. I'm interested in Nicholas. How does he knew Emma? Or maybe I missed that. He seems to be the "big brotherly" type, which is really sweet. :)

Another positive: You managed to describe the scene at the end very well. I could envision the whole thing! Great job with that!

I'm almost caught up!
5/25/2008 c8 Mercyette
Heh, Emma really is kinda random. Poor Nathan. He'll have his work cut out for him by tryong to keep up with her thoughts. I really liked the medical terms you use in this story. I had meant to complement you on it earlier. . Great job with that!

You might want to stay away from using too many parenthesis in your story. Perhaps you could put it into the detail without the parenthesis or maybe you could do without the added information alltogther? Just something I thought I'd throw out there.

Another great chapter!
5/25/2008 c7 Mercyette
Well, Emma surew did manage to make a fool of herself, huh? This was a very entertaining chapter. I love how you have both of them clearly attracted to the other but their actions keep suggesting otherwise. Poor Nathan. Talk about confusion with women. Again, great job!

You might want to go back and edit this chapter a bit. You seemed to have more typos than you typically do and I'd hate to have something as small as that distract from the overall quiality of the story, especially since it's such a good one.

Reading on!
5/25/2008 c6 Mercyette
Aww, this was really cute. I liked the change in the point of view. It was very refreshing. I also think you managed to capture Nathan's personal thoughts pretty well, too. Job well done!

Again, I want to suggest that you put the thoughts in italics. It would make it a lot easier for the reader (especially seeing as I'm a lazy one . ). I'd like to see more of Nathan's point of view in the future, too! :)

Moving on!
5/25/2008 c5 Mercyette
Wow, Emma sure does space out at lot! . I thought this chapter was cute and I could totally see the partnership/internship thing coming. I really like where this story is going! I have a feeling that it's going to be very cute! Keep it up with the awesome vaocabulary!

I might suggest that you start putting Emma's thoughts into italics or something to set it apart from the actualy story. Typically it's fine, but since you tend to zone in on her thoughts a lot it might be something to mull over the ole' noggin.

Reading on!
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