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1/31/2008 c7 annabelle
too lazy to create account xD

no i still dont like nathan that much yet =\ he's hot but he hasn't shown his smart/witty side xD

and being a doctor doesnt mean smart. doctors are losers earn money by checking your health records so you can go to obs. thats kinda smart but.. LOL IM RAMBLING

anyway nice chapter, update more often -.-
1/6/2008 c6 sarahpor
HAHA HELLO. i'm too lazy to log in plus i kind of forgot my password and i'm using a different account, so the password isn't saved here.

ANYWAY this was nice. (i finally got down to reading it.. well i was procrastinating. homework sucks)

hahaha i love nathan. i want nathan?


12/27/2007 c5 2simplicity is complex
HAHA i knew it from the START.

anyway. hilarious. and update soon! i help you type okay! HAHAHAHA
12/27/2007 c5 annabelle
HAHA. you ramble too much :P

and now i know where you got his name from ;D
12/2/2007 c4 x o x l u u r v e
=D awwh, thanks for the dedication, darling. wow, being allergic to dark chocolate would actually do that to you?


that's seriously interesting.

and it does explain why he was like that . . .


"i like seeing women in pain."

i died there. i started cackling insanely until i cleared my throat and continued reading the rest of your chapter calmly. your chapters are incredibly short, but i feel suspense within them all the time. ^^ i CANNOT wait until they find out that they're going to work with each other.

thanks for the update. hope you update soon ^^

♥ x o x luurve .
11/28/2007 c3 xoxluurve

okay, i'm not just saying that because . . . well, anyway =P i mean it like DAMN. it's so interesting! i saw it from MILES that he's the doctor, but now all you gotta do is confirm it.

haha, he's so dense though. pregnant? when he enver slept with her . . .


Nadia, half sister . . .

there's that best friend.

haha, and Emma sounds so funny. i like your writing style a lot. it's easy to read and the humour is wonderful. :)

i seriously can't WAIT for the next chapter. update soon, yes?

- xoxluurve

Nathan. short for Nathanial? he sounds smexxy, yo.
11/27/2007 c2 sheryl
i like your story but i like nathan more haha

i'm waiting for the next chapter

keep it up!
11/27/2007 c3 jem
chaps one and two are quite good but chapter 3 is quite abrupt(sp?). but the nathan sounds like urber good looking and hot haha
10/19/2007 c2 simplicity is complex
rahrah, as said, you critic too much.

and.. just a side note, you don't need lots of vocabulary to write a good story.

most of the time it just confuses people, so stop immersing yourself in the dictionary.

it was a good chapter. and i think i know what's going to happen. HM.

and the guy is cute.
10/19/2007 c2 laDauphine
No, not really bad! At parts it's typical, but it has a surprisingly wholesome quality that is pretty rare these days. I like it. :)
10/11/2007 c1 anonymous
considering that i've read this on your foolscap before it's not really anything surprising now so i'll just try recall what i "felt" when i first read it on your foolscap ok?

im expecting something really sweet to happen and i hope it does :)

perhaps, just perhaps, you dont need to put so detailed conversation the guy had on the phone. just abit, just enough to let the reader guess that his pregnant wife is with another man's child.

yup. but its not bad really :)
10/9/2007 c1 2codeblue92
yo yo yo:D

haha. nice story:D did you change the storyline a little? :D I forgot the plot-.- sorry D: care to tell me again?:D or do you want me to read it myself?(:

anw, good language still:D and the story sounds interesting too :] so um.. keep it up!:D

[P.S. sorry for the lack of constructive comments]
10/9/2007 c1 2simplicity is complex

it's not going to be the one you planned out right. right. right!

but nice start, i liked it D:
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