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for Iphiginea

10/27/2007 c1 1Emily Black
*shivers* darkly beautiful, and excellently written. the way you captured her fear and helpless rage, (probably even condemnation in those last moments) is brilliant, and I adore the manner in which you presented Agamemnon,- the myths usually represent him as a loving, guilt-ridden father figure, but with his cold determination and unyielding will, you made him seem real...I usually dislike using words like 'riveting' and 'amazing',but I must say your story deserves them, no matter how much they've been worn thin by various critics.
10/17/2007 c1 3your vennela
Erm, legends say that Agamemnon was very close to Iphiginea. He loved her very much. I would expect the mood to have been much sadder. But if Agamemnon was really cruel, this was a nice take.

10/11/2007 c1 bella
That is very powerful. I enjoyed it thoroughly I’m sure my English teacher wouldn’t stop talking abut it for at least 3 hours! I loved it, though it was very sad.

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