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5/26/2009 c1 AdiGal
Wow, that seems like a really good start. I know you mentioned in your profile that you might not add anything to this story, but I hope my review inspires you to! Haha kidding, but I wouldn't mind reading more about Jeria, the blonde guy and their respective friends. :)

Amazing language too!

4/10/2008 c1 17x-zai

this story seems quite promising!

the blonde guy seems pretty hot ;) hehe.

i really like the way you describe things-sophisticated without being pretentious, and very detailed at the same time.

anyhow, i hope youre gonna continue this soon~!

&& in response to your reviews...firstly, thanks so much for reviewing! ^.^

as for why my stuff is usually depressing...well...im not sure why, actually. maybe its because i never have had any luck in love haha.

and yes, how to hear a heart break is a second person version of endless...originally they were supposed to be one, but then i wanted to put the focus on Luke instead of Duke. and i made Duke a little less likable..cuz the fic is actually based on my unfortunate experience. haha. except for most of the sappy love parts with Luke didnt happen (unfortunately
10/8/2007 c1 1wolfsbaneX13
This is great so far. You're writing is excellent. What stuck out the most to me is how you were able to put all the detail in, but it was still not too much and easy to read (one of my favorite writing qualities). The story idea looks promising and full of potential. A famous bachelor and a professional dancer? It's a very good idea, very interesting; I like it. Great start to the story. I'd love to see more :]

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