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for Let Go

10/12/2007 c1 lymli
I like the first and the second paragraphs, and the flow in the poem is good.
10/9/2007 c1 20Twilight Starr
It's sad, but well written poem.

Good job!

Thanks for your reviews for my stories "Selfish Intentions" and "Consequences of a Happy Ending". I really appreciate it.

~Twilight Starr~
10/9/2007 c1 1Gemma Lovell
Ah, yet another beautiful and gripping piece of literature. The message is very relatable which is always a good thing. You can really tell how much you/the speaker is struggling with this action. And guess what? No grammatical errors! You've been doing wonderfully with your English lately and there's hardly any room for improvement. You're just that good. Again, great job!



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