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1/26/2008 c1 6concerto49
Review Marathon Event - refer to link in profile.

I liked how you personified 'death' without actually giving it a character though - like people would usually give it a name, and start describing. You have it less subjective yet in a way friendly and close. Interesting.

Which led me to be against death. Why is death a he? It could be a she by all means or a it. Can't really say what gender those things are. Also, I practically can assume it's a hospital but you clarify it too late, far too late. Just some floors and rooms to begin with.

Actually, I half thought the 'me' in the story was dying. Either it was slightly confusing, or that it did a good job and was meant to make you think or both. The other issue with death is that - you can see it and maybe even talk to it? I guess this is a bigger topic than simply those words can fulfil.

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