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for Ever After Are For Kids

2/7/2008 c6 Carlette
I actually think Kris has a point. Marc really does need to accept that paolo left him and move on.

But now I wonder who the pairing will be? Will something happen between Kris and Marc?

hehe... I just love when it starts with hate and turns to something more :D
2/7/2008 c4 Carlette
This is so sad! *cries*

Paolo can't just move on so quickly! He has to miss Marc too, right?
2/7/2008 c2 Carlette
Aw :(

Now I wonder what happened between him and Paolo!
2/7/2008 c1 Carlette

What a wonderful start! (Oh, and so I don't confuse you, my pen name used to be Miss.Lexa but I changed it xD)

So thanks for reviewing my story :)

This is chapter definately leaves the reader wanting more! I'm curious about that necklace he threw into the sea.

I shall continue on!
11/29/2007 c6 3nonaccount
Thanks for clearing up the Sebastian-Jon dilemma for me. It makes things much clearer. I enjoyed this chapter, especially the Kris-Marc bits. :)
11/13/2007 c5 nonaccount
Ok, I'm a little confused. How did John and Sebastian get together again? Speaking of which, Kris seems jealous, does he want Sebastian for himself? Marc's plan of going to Manila just seems unnecessarily masochistic. Maybe Kris will be able to convince Marc to drop that painful plan and stay where ever they are with him. Maybe?
11/13/2007 c3 nonaccount
So Marc is his name - check, one mystery solved.

Pao-Pao (I am everafter calling him that, in fact, I might adopt it into my everyday speech, 'pass the pao-pao, please.' 'uh, you mean the spaghetti?' 'duh, gimme pao-pao now now.') had to suddenly leave for Manila? Hmm, I smell something suspicious simmering on the stove of subterfuge.
11/13/2007 c2 nonaccount
I love the humor in this chapter. Like, "the rather demanding albeit bordering on abusive temperament that goes by the name of Jon." and "He lives with this motto: Whoever said that you can't buy happiness never heard of Clinique Happy."

This horrible nickname, "Pao-Pao", would have been enough for me to toss the protagonist's ass overboard (I don't see a name, but I'm probably blind). Oh god, it's so sickeningly baby talky.

P.S. I hope Pao-Pao isn't your name or your favorite name 'cause I'm just taking the piss. ;)
11/5/2007 c4 25Esquirella
I feel so bad for him! It's like he can't decide which way to go or what to do. Poor guy!
10/31/2007 c3 Esquirella
Why did Paolo have to leave Marc?
10/26/2007 c2 Esquirella
Great start to this!
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