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3/24/2015 c30 SH
Loved it! It's been forever since I've read a decent love-hate fic. Well done! I was a bit iffy on Matt's characterization a bit but I found myself squealing and cursing far more at him and Aaron's interactions. Amazingly done! That being said, I'm in love with all of your stories and can't wait to read more from you! Also fuck the plagiarizers; you're better than them. :)
3/23/2015 c1 7mesweetescape
Real talk though, I came onto my computer to review because I always read on my phone, but I thought you deserved it with the way you handled this story.
I started this at 1130PM thinking it was easy that I could just stop at like 1-2AM and go sleep and finish the rest of your story, but I was wrong. lol. I slept at 630AM because of you! I heard BIRDS chirping because of you. I don't even remember the last time I did that! LOL

Anyway, I love this story. I downright hated Matthew Valentine to start with and wondered how this story was going to end with such a despicable character. I mean, I've seen the girl meets boy boy changes cliche, but this guy I've never disliked so much. But it was totally worth it! You handled it perfectly (:

Keep writing. Also, love "no, no" :) x
3/19/2015 c30 4SnowflakeSoup
This story was awesome! And the ending is awesome! One of the biggest sins a writer can commit is ending their story really badly, and I'm glad you didn't do that.
I just spent two or three hours scrolling through this... I'm glad that it's complete and finished, or else I think I would have had a heart attack. Matt and his damn mood swings... thank God he came around in the end.
I'm sorry to hear about the plagiarism. That must suck...
Keep writing good stuff!

2/24/2015 c14 10Be My Valentine
I reviewed this story a long time ago, where I remember sobbing my heart out because of Matthew Valentine (a surname I heartily approve of) and his dad coming round to her house whilst she was having a "domestic" (I think that's the term I used.) I cried so much, that I think I stopped reading it and never came back. Until now. I really admire what you're doing here, you have skill with words, but I notice Aaron is painted in the "damsel-in-distress" trope a lot. Like she gets stabbed in the gut, Matthew's there to save her, she's about to be raped in an alleyway, Matthew's there to save her, she breaks down in detention, only Matthew's there to witness this moment of weakness, thereby making her more in debt to him.

"Damsel-in-distress" is a common and well explored trope, that is designed to make the male protagonist be pushed into the protector role (much more than ordinary tropes,) which is a quality many females reading fiction admire and secretly want. You have written one of the best stories in regards to your trope, but for me to really think of this as a masterpiece, Aaron has to grow as a character (there are 17 chapters left, so I'm feeling optimistic) and become somewhat less "damsel-in-distress" and more "i-can-get-myself-out-of-my-own-troubles-too."

But right now?
You're killing it.

Also I'm saying all this as a running commentary, not as any serious constructive criticism. For your story, Aaron Blare works. She's perfect in all her "damsel-in-distress" glory, and in these types of stories, she's the best type of character you can have.

Did I mention how much I love Matthew's surname? *winks* (I swear I didn't change my user name just because I love Matthew so much. I've been using this alias since 2009!)
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1/31/2015 c31 5butterbar
Totally amazing and remarkable work. Just read it when it was finished and I totally enjoyed myself. Tha k goodness it worked out all in th end. Please keep up the good work and don't stop writing. You're gifted, I can tell. :) My appreciation goes to you and your upcoming stories. Despite the plagiarism, I hope you still write. I also do wish for people to be hardworking enough to work their ass and WRITE for goodness sake rather than stealing someone's work. It's really a shame. But anyway, despite all of this, I want you to be celebrating your ass out because you just made and constructed a beautiful piece! You, mam, have just earned a new follower. Salute to you! :)
1/31/2015 c31 Guest
It's really unfortunate that you are having issues with plagiarism. I hope it all gets worked out.

on a different note, I really loved your story from beginning to end. The plot and characters had much appreciated depth. Thank you.
1/30/2015 c31 Guest
Some bitch named Victoria June is posting No, no on wattpad!
1/29/2015 c31 girlhood
thanks for reviewing on my story, on . i got the review while i was at school and i hyperventilated for like five minutes. you mean a lot to me, so thank you again
1/29/2015 c31 69Shadowswept
Your story is not crap, damn it! I don't understand what kind of satisfaction this person can get from reviews for a story she knows she didn't write. I hope this doesn't happen again, but if it does I urge you not to delete the whole story. If you leave at least a couple of chapters up, you'll get to keep your reviews and have proof of when you wrote it. I've seen other writers do this, and you never know when it can come in handy. Otherwise, I love the story, and I'm thrilled to hear that you're writing a new story!
1/28/2015 c31 Kyranol
Dam that sucks, rlly hope you won't take this down some day. It really is an amazing story.
1/28/2015 c31 daresa09
I just went to Wattpad to bitch her out , but it's been taken down . Thank goodness . This is one of my favorite stories and if it gets taken down , I'll cry and go beat up the plagiarists .
1/2/2015 c30 Shadowswept
This story is awesome! I love the way the icy cold love interest thawed slowly. I've always wanted to write a story like this, but I've never had the patience. The development of the relationship between Matt and Aaron was so intriguing and interesting. It was thrilling and exciting when things started happening between them, because you expertly built the anticipation. And the emotional connection was equally gripping. They fell in love at a steady, realistic pace. And things weren't immediately perfect and all flowers and sunshine. Things were all the sweeter because they were earned after a true, not contrived, emotional struggle. You know the difference between drama and melodrama. This site is rife with ridiculous melodrama that puts me off so many stories. I love your story so much that I wish it was published so that I could buy it and keep it forever.
9/21/2014 c1 1jedbook
An obnoxiously brief prologue. That's classic. I love it.
9/11/2014 c30 4Lolitroy
i was thinking to myself
This could be heaven or this could be hell
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