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for Does This Make You Uncomfortable?

10/29/2007 c1 3socksNsandals
This was such a funny cute story. Made me laugh. Loved it.
10/29/2007 c1 28Erisah Mae
This was very sweet- the common phrase linking the chronological drabbles made this funny in a cutesy sort of way.


10/29/2007 c1 iwishillwilluponyou
aww it's so cute/wonderful/adorable :D
10/29/2007 c1 12MBaxter
Definately cute. Good job!

10/29/2007 c1 1breziebear
oh my god! that was really cute! yes i just actually said that out loud. thats how cute it was. so...yay. =]
10/29/2007 c1 3Essevera

10/29/2007 c1 6Semicharmed love
How cute.

it reminds me of what someone told me they did too. haha what a coincidence. :)

but yeaa...really cute and well written. its simple; not too much description, and that really adds to it.

i cant wait for your next story, whatever it may be. :)
10/29/2007 c1 17Whitney Lea
I really like this story. Its sassy and romantic at the same time. You did a really good job with the progression and the details.
10/29/2007 c1 snow blossoms
Yay for fluff and random romance and falling in love! You did this excellently. Kudos. (:
10/29/2007 c1 3Lumaris
It was funny in that sweet, romantic way xD something that makes people smile and go aww ^_^ I Love it! -adds to favorites- xD Well written and everything too :D

10/29/2007 c1 154fictitious facades
i love it. so much. it's soo cute. and so well written. :]
10/29/2007 c1 2mia5081
Aw, this story was so cute and hilarious- and totally something that I could see happening lol

Glad you're not dead either :D

10/29/2007 c1 xPink Blossomsx

so cute :]

loved it
10/29/2007 c1 amethysth
So very cute! I absolutely enjoyed that! Thanks for writing!
10/29/2007 c1 1sweets555
aww. cute. i like it. great job, so adorable. adding to favs.
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