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9/9/2010 c3 3cutepanda
:] It's so interesting!~ Can't believe I only just discovered your story ^^

Looking forward to the next chapter no matter how long it may take :D
8/13/2010 c3 natmarie
Hope all is going well and you get time and ambition to write more soon.
8/13/2010 c1 natmarie
Love it, it had me laughing and wanting to know more about the characters...onward I go...
3/23/2010 c3 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
hope everything goes well for you in the mean time
8/15/2009 c2 Sloppy Reviewiee For Stories
Tell your beta to stop and just let you finish the goddamn story it's a little rough for the meanwhile but in my opinon it might turn out for something made for a 10 when it's finished. Keep up the hard work. The ending will be the part I'm dying to read.

-Sloppy's Grade 4 U-

7/29/2009 c2 4Sweet-Cakesz24
good story. I like it alot! I hope to read moree and hopefully you can update it soon. =]
6/27/2009 c1 2jessie0754
Interesting beginning :) Sure caught my attention.

Hey! You live in Australia as well :P What part?
6/24/2009 c2 1P.F Ally
Aww...update update! :(
6/24/2009 c1 3cndysweetmss
really good story..
6/24/2009 c1 6blahblahblah95
aw...i don't even know the whole story yet...but that was cute. haha i'd luv for a guy to do that to me :D
6/24/2009 c1 3Anzie

Nice one! I like Riley already!

Haha, the mom's statement made me lol.

Dr. Milan's a dumb blondie! YAY! -sticks mirror in the pool-
6/19/2009 c6 6cityflux
I like this story very much so far.

Please update soon. I apologise for this ridiculously short review. (insert eye-rolling)

6/7/2009 c6 3bumblee bee

i love tod!

so cutee wow jared is soo silent whats up with that?

omg u updated so quickly yaya!

5/30/2009 c5 Capriccio
just been through some exam,

yer update came through my email and made my day.

the convos the consellor and riley had hilarious. Never thought something normal everyday that we do, can turn into something funny :)

“I ate. I shitted out the food I ate. ""

i also enjoy the relationship with riley and ava . love'em

hope i see more !
5/21/2009 c5 Mira
Yay! It's freakin awesome! But please dont make a love triangel with Jayden, Jared and Riley!

Well anyway, i cant wait for the next chapter. I really really like it.

Soo keep it up!

btw my spelling isnt that godd since i come from Sweden, but... whatever!
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