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7/31/2008 c5 Nicole
I love your stories! XD Zen is def my fav character. I love reading his ramblings(sp?)! Ethan is also awesome but he is nothing compared to the awesomeness that is Zen :)

Please update soon!

A. Nicole R.
7/19/2008 c5 Handicapped Lie
I sympathise with Ethan, he must have the patience of a saint. I would have already committed the homisuide by now.
7/5/2008 c5 3Carnivale
Eek! I love this story soo much :D

and I. Love. Ethan. Ohmigawd. He's hilarious.

I read Zen's paragraphs of rambleness! Because they make me LOL. :P
6/6/2008 c5 71Subbie
NO! DAMN YOU! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE IT AT SUCH A CLIFFHANGER! I"M AM ABSOLUTLY INSULTED! *goes off on a rant equaled to the best of Zen's*
6/5/2008 c5 3fam
6/4/2008 c5 4MacKitty
gr. i tried writing a review and it wouldn't let me. anyway, let me just say, if i was ethan after seeing the youtube thing, i'd so kill zen. i love zen's firmness with the soulmate thing. oh, and the thing about including info in zen's rambles (which i admittedly skipped until your AN) is just genius. subtle genius. i wonder if this is going to evolve into ethan hurting zen so much one time, that zen runs off, ethan realizes what he had and misses zen and finally goes after him. i've read that ending a lot, and um, i'm hoping for something less cliche...or if zen almost dies, etc. i wonder if ethan can realize what he has w/o almost losing zen...

anyway, thanks for beta-ing! thanks for pointing out the tense thing-it wasn't intentional and i know i accidentally switch sometimes. it's all supposed to be present tense. i think i naturally like past tense better...and that's what i need a beta for, haha. little things. of course i wouldn't sack you. :D see ya!
6/4/2008 c5 1Ish Mish Kiki

You totally rule. I wish there was something like that on youtube. It would be so funny! Wait, let me search for ALBERT on youtube... heeheehee...

Aghh, please please post soon? Pretty please with sushi on top? ;p
5/23/2008 c1 loved. it
i like this story more than the others!

i realy hope you update this one realy soon and i would be a forever fan of yours :D
5/6/2008 c5 8PencilSketchS
He he! Zen cracks me up, literally. I can't help but break myself laughing at some of the things he puts Ethan through. And Ethan does not even realise he's being manipulated. But then he's not ever really very honest with himself, pretending he was happier in his lonely sterile life. I'm sure it was functional, but how could that be satisfying? Not that going to the other side of the spectrum was the best answer, but I like Zen, no matter how wonky he is. An dI love the way he dresses. All your descriptions of him really. I'm just not sure hoe Ethan looks. So it's difficult picturing him in my head. You haven't updated this in a while, but please...do *attempts a winning smile* these two just lighten my day and I want to know what happens next.

I find myself wondering what Ethan would think if suddenly Zen was gone. Would he repaint the walls and clean/replace the furniture and just forget?

Zen's good for him but will probably decrease his lifespan.
3/31/2008 c5 14Denfer
Ok, this is a rant, so be warned.

I hate Zen. I'm almost crying right now with how much I love Ethan, and I want Zen to jump off a cliff and die. It always annoys me when there's that type of character, like Ethan, who just wants to be left alone, and the whole world is against them saying "oh you'll love him eventually" and smirking when they do fall in love.

I can't stand how Ethan is righteously furious at the invasion of his life and privacy but Zen never listens. I want him to run away in desperation, or do something that will make Zen repentent for once.

No one deserves the kind of torture Ethan is going through. I hate how you'll have him fall in love with Zen, and everyone (including Zen) will gloat and say "ha ha we told you so" and it will be Ethan's fault that it didn't happen sooner, and it will be Ethan who has to change. And then to add insult to injury, at the end of the story he'll think "oh, I'm so glad Zen came along. I was such a horrible and lonely person until then but now I can see the error of my ways" (or he might not... I'm just describing how most of these types of stories end. I hope yours is different). It takes all kinds of people in this world, and personally I prefer the ones like Ethan, to the ones like Zen who have absolutely no respect for other's feelings or things and then get praised for it.

Liking tidiness is not a crime. Wanting respect for your house and belongings does not mean that you are a grumpy curmudgeon who needs someone "so cute and perfect" like Zen to "change you for the better". Why are people like Ethan always the bad guys, the ones at fault?

Yes, Zen is cute. Yes, Ethan is probably lonely even though he doesn't realize it. But since when does someone like Zen have the right to tell him what he wants? Don't we say a democratic government oversteps its limits once it starts giving us what it thinks we want, instead of what we say we want?

I hate Zen, and I hate how he doesn't realize the actual damage he does to Ethan with his tricks, and I hate how Ethan never really explodes in a way that actually gets Zen's attention. That bus incident - that was too much. If something like that had happened to me (and it's on youtube where people Ethan works with can see it every day) no matter how well the kid cooks, I would've flipped out. And some people might call me uptight. But without people like me and Ethan, not much would get done in the world. And maybe that's your deal - but it isn't Ethan's. He should freak out, because he is the victim, not Zen (no matter how cute he is).

Ok, so that was my rant. Sorry that it all came out on you. See, it's kind of been building for a while now because I've recently read a lot of stories like yours and they all end that same way and it makes me want to cry. So I thought I'd rant here, while you're not done the story, so maybe there's some chance of Ethan getting at least an angst flip-out moment in which Zen actually feels some real regret.

But it's your story, so whatever.

And I love all of your other stories because they're funny and awesome (just thought I'd put in some positive there, so you don't completely hate me).
3/21/2008 c5 Lyra Waterflame
Heh. and Zen said that ETHEN was mean!

Please write more soon?
3/17/2008 c5 3Abstruse Blue
I LOVE this story so much and I always read Zen's rambles. haha
3/16/2008 c5 15Bluorange
This was fantastic!

Even though I severely doubt you're going to write a sex scene... who gives a fuck?


I love Ethan, and I love Zen!

They need to do it seven times in one hour, ok? And there needs to be lots of sweat and moaning and PLENTY of kissing.

Kissing is hot!
3/16/2008 c2 4gleee
matt bellamy covered in chocolate...nummeh XD
3/12/2008 c5 2Jayn
I know that book! The Liriel book. Isn't that like the second book in the series? I read that series like 7 years ago... I remember liking it. ^_^ Great chapter! Luv it! Poor Ethan though... Youtube? That was cruel. Lol. Please update!
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