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for Those Stupid Butterflies

3/1/2008 c1 15Bluorange
Oh my God! This is amazing! But I want the main character to be a bottom... not a top. Damn. Can they both be tops and bottoms? That'd be cooler.

But the plot is still fantastic and the characters delightfully contrasting! Plus, it's pretty funny.

Good job! Only a few grammatical errors!
2/24/2008 c4 6theStarfly
I'm happy I found you.. I can't wait for an update! (yes, yes.. Tis me again :P)

Yay Pikachu! Somehow I think Zen acts just how I'm going to act all my life XD
2/22/2008 c4 3CarmenTakoshi
"By Jove, how utterly smashing!"

That whole line killed me. Utterly. My whole family must have thought I was having a thrombosis or something. XD I am now of the opinion that you are a genius comedian and should write a novel of the kind of Those Stupid Butterflies, because then I could buy it and tell everyone I reviewed the story that came before it. XDD And for everyone's information, I DO happen to read through Zen's long rambling paragraphs. I find that they give Zen a lot more dimension than Ethan seems to catch on to. I can't wait till Zen reminds him that he wants to paint him nude.

The end was squee-worthy. He is definitely melting. Hell, he'd be crazy not to. ;D *impatiently awaits next chapter*
2/21/2008 c4 1CakeForEveryone
Thank god, you said that little thing at the top about us being supposed to skip/skim Zen huge monologues. Seriously I was very exhausted everytime I tried to comprehend one of those things! Great chapter, I think Zen is adorable. I love it how Ethan ignores the part about Zen doing a nude of him. Or did he just not hear him? hm... Well I love this story so far so props to you and I can't wait to read more!
2/21/2008 c4 2Jayn
Heh heh, my little cousin carried a pikachu around with him for like two years- almost no exceptions. Makes sense to me! And you write reallyl well. You're so good and creating Zen's character with the rambling and stuff. Please update!
2/21/2008 c4 Atlanas E. Kildarin
This story is very good. I was laughing out loud most of the time and even read some of the funny parts (which means most of the story) outloud to my roomate. I love how he reacted to Zen painting his walls orange.

2/21/2008 c4 17Cattails
Ah, this story makes me smile. Zen is so random. It's awesome. Oh, and Syl rocks. A lot. And, yes, Ethan does appear to be melting :P
2/21/2008 c4 14demented cookies
omg, THANK YOU for continuing! i looked at when it was last updated and i was worried you wouldn't update. this is really good!
2/21/2008 c4 4shes-an-open-book
Absolutely adorable! Zen's big giant rants are made of amazing :)
2/21/2008 c4 6Death Tastes Like Cherries
Ethan is melting! lol.
2/21/2008 c4 unknown'writer'loved
YES he's melting!


I'm in love!

Oh I read the rambles

because I talk like that myself

so it's very easy to read


I'll stop


2/21/2008 c4 8Oni-Kita
This absolutely wonderful! Most of the time I was reading this, I was just about dieing laughing at Zen - and poor Ethan. Actually...I'm laughing just thinking about what Zen is putting him through XD

I didn't know what to expect when I started reading the story, but you had me hooked once Zen came onto the scene (and I completely agree with his statement in the first chapter about sleeping with Miyavi - I would too XD)

I can't wait to read more!
2/21/2008 c4 5Aime Atem
Loverly. You're handling the pace of the story extremely well, considering that you've given yourself an extremely difficult timeline to work with so...yay for you!

Speaking of which, is there a specific reason why you write "yaye" instead of "yay"? Is this a cultural difference that I am not aware of, or are you intending for us to read "yay-yuh" (the annoying way that many people say it), or is there some other reason?

Good luck with the next bit!
2/21/2008 c4 Ambriel
Thank you for updating! I was holding onto hope! :D

I hope Ethan managed to get the paint stains out of everything!
2/21/2008 c4 3Choice
Whee! They're both so... cute! =)

It's good to see an update. I hope the next one doesn't come around next year. :P

(By the way, this is Desinere; I changed my username. ^^)

Can't wait for more! Keep up the amazing work!

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