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for Those Stupid Butterflies

12/9/2007 c2 3Abstruse Blue
I'm really enjoying this!
12/7/2007 c2 1relapse into change
zen is love seriously i love him [in that totally non-sexual way :] he is just so adorable c: and your story is just getting better and better
12/7/2007 c2 3nonaccount
Holy crap! Zen would test the patience of a saint, or a pack of saints, 'cause I think that's what it'd take to wrangle him down to a some level of normality. Nah, that probably wouldn't work anyway. I like the cute nicknames Zen gives Ethan. In upcoming chapters I hope we're gonna learn more about them, specifically Ethan. What does he do? Why is he so closed off? What is his favorite flower, so that Zen can festoon the apartment with it while he's at work?
12/7/2007 c1 nonaccount
AWESOME! I absolutely adore it! I love Zen's craziness and Ethan's staidness - perfect match. This is my favorite part,

"'I want you . . .' I said slowly.

'I want you too!' he said happily, bouncing up and down and clapping his hands together like a girl.

' . . . to tell me what the flaming hell you're doing, in my flat,' I went on, blankly." Brilliant! :)

Can't wait for more! Oh, look! there's more right now - off I go!
12/7/2007 c2 100Hegge
still liking your style
12/7/2007 c2 12effay



I freakin' love ZEN! He's SO CUTE! Oh my gosh, I just want to steal him and lock him in a closet and cuddle him forever and ever and ever! He's so adorable and funny! Aww...

I really liked his non stop babble of speech. It was not only cute but I think it really builds up Zen's character too and what he's like, you know, thoughts and stuff.

And I agree with Zen, Ethan is KAWAII! =P The way he gets so annoyed with Zen calling him all these cutesy petnames and the way Zen acts and just gets annoyed with Zen in general...haha, it's so funny trying to watch (or rather read) about his reactions and how he handles it. LAWL.

Loved the wrestling bit, hehe, made me laugh and smile a lot. Especially with Zen's line about the S&M thing. LAWL! =D

Anywho, loving this!

Update soon, please? =]
12/4/2007 c1 1relapse into change
i lovvee this story

you have to contiue..please..?

zen is adorable :]
11/24/2007 c1 100Hegge
Ethan sound like he has isues whit humans, and Zen sounds insane

but I love this story
11/23/2007 c1 3Abstruse Blue
KAWAII! haha, I really enjoyed reading this and you must, MUST continue! Pwease? It's so amusing and I love Zen, so adorable and insane and just totally rad you know? I SO wanna see what happens next.
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