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for Crying Over Spilt Milk

8/11/2010 c3 12Field of Innocence
Once again, great poetry.
8/11/2010 c2 Field of Innocence
Poems where I have to strain to figure out what they're about without looking below, good work.
8/11/2010 c1 Field of Innocence
From 'Dirty Whiteboard,' I get the feeling of missing something. (setting aside the fact that I'm getting the feeling of missing something a lot...) I really like these haiku and I admire your ability to write about such things in the haiku format.
11/19/2009 c1 Guest
I love the one about the calculator:)
11/10/2007 c1 4windy girl
I love the second one. It's almost nostalgic. :) The rest were nice, as well.


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