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5/23/2020 c20 6Polished Gem
Well, hello, Rosieroo! I read this book of yours and quite enjoyed it.
Do you know what I loved most about this book? Dialogue! It was some rocking, perfect dialgue and it is definitely your strong suit. The sarcasm, the perfect remarks at just the perfect times...I am in awe. I was laughing the whole way through. Well, through most of it...
Your writing ability is pretty fantastic too. I only caught minor flaws, and I catch way more flaws in my own work when I reread them.

4/3/2020 c1 21Uncle Rupert
I read this last night. I can see you were a nineties kid I was fun to relive some of the songs I would have been listening too at high school and I kid you not die hard 4 was on tv last night which was mentioned in this story. Although I feel I am I little old for this particular I found the fun in it. The characters were dramatic just like most of the people I remember from school. It was a good read. Thanks for sharing
7/3/2019 c20 69AlysonSerenaStone
Great story! This has been a super fun read!
6/6/2016 c11 Guest
I'm sorry but I'm at the point when I'm starting to hate Regan's attitude. I know that she has issues but she is bordering to becoming rude scratch that she is rude! and very disrespectful even those people that she said she likes and may I add that she's being blotchy?. Nonetheless, I'm still hoping that she'll tone down in the later chapters, and I'm still intrigued with their story so I'm gonna continue reading.
4/21/2016 c20 Lolz
Okay, so its really late at night right now, and i'm really tired, so when I read the part when she says I love you like a fat kid loves cake, I just lost it laughing. I think its time to go to bed...
Anyways, good story, the only problem I had was how bitchy everyone was, but that's okay.
So goodnight, and nice job.
11/2/2015 c20 1somersaultkick
I got annoyed because of her personality so I just skipped some chapters. I can't stand a person who is a bitch pretending to be all so mighty. Who the f wants to annoy everyone? Sorry for the rant but I just don't think this is worth all my frustrations I get from her while reading it. Though I thought there will be a character development.
But I do love your other stories like His Queen, His Captive, and the Immortalis thing I forgot the title.
10/27/2015 c2 sreeja
You might be simply a very young writer, but okay. Let me just tell you why I am not reading after the second chapter.
1)Your main character is downright terrible. She is just as judgemental as Tori and her cronies. She is rude, obnoxious, definitely has an attitude problem and basically, she is stupid. She seems like a 13 year old girl. Seniors, that is, the smart ones, don't just disrespect their teachers like that because they know exactly how many points they can get by flattery. If they do, they have hilarious comebacks. Definitely not like, "I can catch up."
2)There are too many unnecessary fillers just to prove how much Regan doesn't get along with people, most of them middle school retorts involving words like horse-shit and ahem, insufferable prick. How utterly "grown-up". Lexi looks like a sidekick rather than a best friend. Logan's hate-love relationship with her is cringeworthy, and believe me I generally worship hate-love relationships.
3)Look I know you did this story for some "best cliche" award, but the truth is, stop pretending like it's a high school story. In high school we don't study past participles. We study calculus, literature and composition, organic chemistry and the likes. Not 7th grade English grammar, seriously. The characters are underdeveloped. Underdeveloped IQ, underdeveloped vocabulary, and immature emotions. Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Even that's better than this.
4)This is so awkwardly written. When the protagonist is being sarcastic, he/she doesn't say that it was sarcasm. That ruins the BASIC effect of sarcasm.

I just kept reading till the second chapter because I believed this was going somewhere, and because some lines were actually funny, but this doesn't change the fact that this is a middle school story. I want you to re-write this when you are a high school-er, and if you already are, my bad. Think of this review as well-wishing, honest criticism, instead of labeling it as blind hate and blasting Swift's 'Shake it Off' in my ears.
7/31/2015 c20 Hetalialover
Amazing :)
7/18/2015 c4 Guest
God, Tori's a bitch. So is Logan! Just-just go away.
6/24/2015 c1 3Lady SeeGard
So glad I found this story and it was fun seeing the cast on pinterest :) I'll keep reading!
4/8/2015 c20 m IMPRESSED
wow! that was great!
12/13/2014 c2 Guest
Am half way through chapter 2 and i just can't read anymore. Regan is just too obnoxious. She's proof that you don't have to be popular to be rude, loudmouthed, disrespectful and basically awful. Can't believe anyone 'favourited' this.
10/31/2014 c1 Ang
I am a little confused? If it is Regan's last year of school, and her brother and sister are a year older than her. How are they still at school? :)
9/3/2014 c20 1MileyRowling
Great work!
8/31/2014 c1 Julietish
Hiii Rosie. When this was reviewed the actual review was never left, so here it is: Avoiding abuse of Caps Lock is extremely hard when reviewing this story, it’s just that good, but I just about managed it. Not So Crash Hot is about tomboy Regan Shanahan and her love-hate relationship with her brother’s best friend Logan. There is such wonderful chemistry between the two, with lots of hilarious banter and cuteness too.

All the characters are well-rounded and memorable, with realistic relationships, particularly the one between Regan and her ‘golden’ older siblings James and Tori – James she likes, Tori, not so much – as through all the bickering, there is the undercurrent of sibling affection. Regan is very funny, cheeky and slightly crazy, with an aversion to girly things, but she has her insecurities – ‘I swear I look like a piece of poo’ – and they just make her all the more likable. Logan is witty, handsome, arrogant, yet very sweet, with a ‘Mystery Girl’.

Written by our own wonderful Rosie, the diction of the story is excellent - coming from Regan’s very funny viewpoint – with realistic dialogue and very few mistakes, certainly none that distract from the story itself. It flows well, with all the humour, drama, sports, cliques and parties one would expect in a high school story.

Not So Crash Hot is all kinds of wonderful, so I’m going to round off now before this review deteriorates into a fan-girl-ish rant, and say that you should definitely go read it if you haven’t already (and if you have, why not read it again?).
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