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4/9/2010 c2 v-n-ll-y
I saw this on the FP Writers board on FB XD

I like how you've done this one in second person. Do you usually write in second person? Anyway, it's good writing.

Their little conversation (about whether what they were doing was cliche or not) was sweet though it was short (but drabbles are supposed to be short anyway ^^).

I really liked this piece. It was enjoyable to read.

That's all =)
4/1/2010 c19 jole
:) worth the wait. looking forward to more of it darling, as always.
2/10/2010 c10 47808
this is probably my favorite one. Just the fact that two lovers can be together and not want to make out or sex or anything, just talk. I really admire that.
2/10/2010 c1 808
i love all of these stories, each and everyone of them fill my heart with love, then break it. very beautiful.
5/2/2009 c18 1dabombticktick
aw so sweet


i think you should continue kiara and michael's story


i wanna see the together!


but thats just me


please update soon!
2/26/2009 c17 jole
I'm not sure if I want to praise this story for it's accuracy in it's commentary about girl code or be critical of how much starting over like that really doesn't work. As usual the writing was fabulous, but I have come to expect a touch more reality from your stories Annie. I'm probably being bitter and taking it out on your story but I think there was some discussion about their issue that was ommitted in the final copy that seems like it should have made it's way in. The trademark characterization still made me smile though :-).
1/15/2009 c16 30Sing.it.like.you.mean.it
Haha, I was wondering why I felt like I'd read this before.

...but I can't remember from where.

Anyhow, I quite enjoyed that.

I especially kind of like the bittersweet ending. =)
1/15/2009 c12 alana

i liked this one the best so far (just thought you should know)

1/15/2009 c15 jole
“Do I look four years old to you?”

“Oh, so now you know me?”

"you can hear the anxiety ill-disguised as nonchalance."

“I hate you.”[...]“Love you too, Kiara,”

"Your words are undeniably harsh, but your frustration is having free reign on your thoughts."

“What—? Did you not hear a single word I just said?”

All these lines I just highlighted because they are pointers to the sophisticated emotions and sentiments that you manage to capture in one line. They're conversations I've had, that I've known, that I dream about. They are amazing, and the realism is too striking to stop for a single moment.
1/15/2009 c14 jole
"The fist" - "The first"

lol this is...interesting. i like it. it's just weird that i'm all over this story.
1/15/2009 c16 Moselle S
Youd need more days off. I got home today it there were 3 new chapters! It was beyond exciting! and they were amazing chapters too and this one is the end of a story I read a really long time ago so I finally get to know how it ends yay!
1/10/2009 c13 Moselle S
FINALLY! It's been so long since you've written anything but Unforgettables. I think I've read this but it's still awesome :D
1/10/2009 c13 Ashfia
I love all these stories! They should be published!
10/6/2008 c7 140Chidaruma Kamisori
I think I may review every single chapter.

You have a way with words that I envy.

10/6/2008 c6 Chidaruma Kamisori
I love this one as well.

I love all the happy endings you've created. It gives me hope for my own love life.

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