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10/6/2008 c5 140Chidaruma Kamisori
I cried reading this.

I've been crying to much lately.

10/6/2008 c2 Chidaruma Kamisori
This feels like July.
9/28/2008 c12 Moselle S
Well we all know my reaction to this one *cough cough*

lol but Annie you couldn't have possibly changed the names? I mean I love that I'm in one of your stories but you know... Yeah... Still love it though :D

(Submit this one to SKoW but change the names first!)
9/16/2008 c10 Moselle S
Aw :D

that's so good... I must point out you have an extra quotation mark in there somewhere but the quality of the story just makes up for your typo :P And once again I feel incredibly out of the loop, why didn't I even know there was a new PoF? Why! Lol sorry it's amazing annie, keep on writing
8/26/2008 c8 5romance at short notice
I love these one-shots! You write them perfectly; even in their shortness, the reader gets a full story behind the actual action. And best of all, they're crestive & cute!

Thumbs up! This is going in my favorites. (:

romance at short notice.
8/25/2008 c12 Chaos Descending
Well, hi. I just found this story, so I figured I would review and throw a prompt your way. And I'm sorry if this comes out sounding awkward, but I'm abruptly shy whenever I review a new story. .

I know these seem kind of random (which they are, really, they're the first three words that entered my head) but could you write one involving arachnophobia, a paint brush and water balloons?

If those are too random (which does happen sometimes, my imagination is a strange place) then by all means don't use them.

Anyway, best of luck.

8/25/2008 c9 67trying
Another awesome one!

With a prompt like that, I had no idea what was going to happen.

But it's a sweet story... I like it a lot. :)
8/25/2008 c7 trying
I like this. The length and plot are really awesome. I like the way you wrote it too. :)
8/25/2008 c2 trying
This chapter is amazing!

Very cute and... well, cute.

But I love it.

If I said I wasn't a fan of cliché I'd be lying.


Good job.
8/19/2008 c1 Chloe
Your style is amazing. Each piece is short but sweet. You describe one simple, overlooked event in ones life and you make it beautiful. The use of second person is well done. Some paid authors make this technique disgusting. I'm glad to see someone knows how to use it wisely! Well done!
8/18/2008 c11 Seeds the Magnificent
this was the best one yet i really loved it and it was very well wirten. i really like how you always put a little piece of yourself into what you write. it makes it seen much more real
8/18/2008 c11 Moselle
Oh my GOD! Annie I love it! not gonna lie, I think this is the best piece you've written since catch me. Not that the others weren't AMAZING too, but this one is just above and beyond! maybe it's just cause I am a hopeless romantic and a twilight/edward cullen (especially the latter lol) obsessee :P But yes, if you haven't figured it out I think this is so incredible :D
7/20/2008 c10 jole
Please, I beg you, don't ever use "chocolate orbs" ever, ever again. Everything about that metaphor does not describe beautiful eyes, and it truly ruined the whole intro for me. Sorry.

As for the rest, it seems reminiscent of certain other events, which is fascinating.

Great job as usual, keep it up.
7/15/2008 c2 9Dot Cubed
Aw, that was adorable. I especially like your use of the second person. I'm such a sucker for it and it's hardly ever used well, but here it was perfect.
6/18/2008 c8 Moselle S
nice an, use the whole, if you love me review!

you dont need to do that you know, you're stories are most icredible all on their own :D
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