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for Pieces of Forever

2/18/2008 c7 5masterful me
This is way better than I could have imagined! Despite that it was my prompt so I knew what direction this was headed, it was so well-written (and you're right, from Marty's POV it seems much less cliched) that it kept my attention throughout. And it's so cute :) I loved the scene between Sam and Marty right after he hears the news about her grandma. Very touching, nicely conveyed.

Fantastic work. Exceeds expectations. I love it! Thank you so much ;)
1/16/2008 c5 30Sing.it.like.you.mean.it
This is x-eka-x, I changed my penname, because of something like one of my friends found another one of my friend's account, and being favourited under that would probably lead to him discovering some of the things I wrote, which would not end well...yea.

Enough about that, onto this. Even though I was originally going for more of a post-breakup type thing, I liked it a lot :) Ironically enough, "Meghan" has an awesome orchid in her living room. And "Troy" had a thing for giving roses. I don't remember if I included that in my original request or not.

Thanks so much for writing this! :D
11/20/2007 c4 Moselle S
yay an! so good :-D

lol my random ideas can be made into an amazing story
11/18/2007 c4 Sing.it.like.you.mean.it

Alright, thanks so much.

Have I mentioned I'm loving this collection so far?
11/15/2007 c2 1Karina.angel.xoxo
That was really detailed! Yes, cliche's are so over used...I loved the way you put it. Just a question, though...

Is this a collection of one shots or is it a whole story?

Because of your summery, it would have been perfect for a long story.

Too bad you don't have much reviews. A writer like you should have lots of reviews!
11/15/2007 c2 Moselle S
an i would just like to point out how much trouble i went through to post this review even though i have already told you in person how awesome it is, which just proves this drabbles epicness even more :-D
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