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for Death Is Just A Dream

9/14/2008 c7 6Carmel March
This story always manages to make me a happy happy person, with each and every update :) Great chapter. Can't wait for the next bit! And sorry I took so long to review!

8/25/2008 c7 102Aomera
oh yeh it's cool, seems like there are some really good ideas waiting to be expanded here.

it's hard to relate to the previous chapters without any more leads as to where it's going or come from, but i'm liking it all the same! i like sci-fi.

hope you're having a good summer

A x
8/3/2008 c7 1Hanyou Yogonem
Very nice, update ASAP please! ^^
8/2/2008 c7 8OrangeyGenius
This is so beautiful and sad. I loved it all the way through.
12/31/2007 c6 1Delinquent Daydreamer
Halloo there! I'm that girl you PMed that one time. By-the-by, you seem pretty "minty," as well.

And now I'm gonna start using that word a bunch of times. Yes, well, there's nothing I can do about that, now, can I? Anyhoo, back on topic.

This is a great story, it has amazing detail, and I love how it never says the peoples names. It makes it so surreal, and yet real at the same time, if that makes any sense. I do rather enjoy this story so far and I hope this isn't the last chapter, but if it is: Great work, and I hope you make a sequel.

By-the-by, I'm going to be putting up summaries for some of my planned fics on my profile soon. And by soon I mean within the week. Most likely on Wednesday or Thursday. I hope you read the stories I write. Meanwhile, I shall be reading your other stories because I liked this one and if I like one, I tend to like other book/story-things by the same author.

Ta-ta! And Happy New Years and good luck in your writing, too!
12/8/2007 c6 6Carmel March
Really beautiful story. I love the descriptions, the ease of the writing, the characters, everything.

Keep this amazingness up :)

12/8/2007 c6 1Hanyou Yogonem
T_T Sad. Very sad. But I love it, you write so good!(perhaps I've said it before?) By the way, I've made a new story, it's drama and horror, not quite like my stories on fanfiction, where they are a little humorous. Reincarnation. I've got to fix the summary, it sounds pretty stupid when I read it right now -_-'

But you must update soon!(please)
12/7/2007 c6 893834723923
So sorry it's taken so long. My internet is out on my laptop and getting hold a free computer is difficult here. This story is incredibly enthralling, I keep waiting to see what happens next.

She won't really die, will she?
11/25/2007 c5 13Wish Bone
Wow! I have to assume that they're not living in quite the same society we are... I am definitely going to keep checking up on this. Your style is so personal, real, and everything I said before. It's almost enchanting, in a way, despite the situation... And I really think you could turn this into a full-fledged NOVEL just by expanding more on the main character's past.

I absolutely love it!

11/25/2007 c3 102Aomera
You have some incredibly original interesting ideas! have never read anything quite like this, tis weird (in a good way!) but beautiful too. i don't know exactly what you're trying to achive through it all but it's made me think at least
11/25/2007 c5 Aomera
This is really good - at first i wasn't that sure about it, didn't seem to work and at points was a hard read because it is all so original in the way you've planned the story but once finished i can see how well it acutally works. very sad and tragic, but a wonderful start and end wrapping up the middle sections. i think i will go back and read some little bits - it's quite hard to get your head round but i like that! tis like a puzzling poem :) some of the language is beautiful too - i especially love the last two lines, stars are so beautiful...well done and keep writing. tis odd, a sad story but can make you happy in an odd way, learn to appreciate life! (and dreams) A x
11/24/2007 c5 1George O' Bradbury
Nice chapter! I like the "realization" that the protagonist has assumed...great job!
11/24/2007 c4 George O' Bradbury
I love the dreary atmosphere that you have instituted in this chapter! I LOVE IT! Keep it up!
11/24/2007 c3 George O' Bradbury
I love where this story is going! I like the question raised at the end: how long? How long will we roam around in the darkness, fearing a death that is inevitable? Great Job!
11/24/2007 c2 George O' Bradbury
I really like the way you define the undefinable...this is a large but effective step that you have taken! Wonderful job!
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