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for Walls of Glass, Tears of Rain

7/2/2005 c1 Mizamour who didn't sign in
Wow, this was beautiful! Amazing!
2/28/2002 c1 54Werecat99
This is so incredibly sad... You've touched my heart.
2/10/2002 c1 Aeris aka LegolasFan03
Wow. Very good..
1/21/2002 c1 ShashonahMeadow
great poem, it flows really well, i like the wording too.
12/22/2001 c1 8Snowshoe Hare
I usually dislike this type of writing, but this piece was better than the usual fare. I liked and empathized with it.
12/5/2001 c1 17ArwenStar914
cool. I loved the descriptions and way you worded everything. Very nice, very well done, as always. =) **ArwenStar**
4/18/2001 c1 11ArwenAria18
See, this one gets printed and hung on my wall as well. This is the exact feeling I get whenever there is a rainy, pearly-gray day. And as a good writer (correction, a SUPERB writer) you have crystallized my feelings perfectly! Yay! It was beautiful!
4/6/2001 c1 48Ragdoll
WOW this is great! *adds it to favourites. The glass walls are like invisible barriers which protect us from the harsh world. Heres a lyric from the eels with a similar message

"my beloved monster and me we go everywhere together,

wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves gets us through all kinds of weather,

she will always be the only thing, that comes between me and the awful sting,

that comes from living in a world that's so damn...mean" :)
4/4/2001 c1 Diva Schalas
i like this one. Its really good. I like it.
4/4/2001 c1 13Rogue Knight
Charis, you seem unfamiliar with the term "free verse."

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