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4/16/2010 c26 21Uncle Rupert
let me just say i loved all your characters, even the bad guys. i loved the storyline and the way your character interacted with each other. i enjoyed the quotes and the random movie of music mentioned. all in all, a job very well done. ;p
4/16/2010 c9 Uncle Rupert
i liked the dillion boys family bonding time. it was cute. and noel and Ty on the beach with the fall was very cute. i can see her blushing from here ;p
4/16/2010 c8 Uncle Rupert
I think George is adorable, he reminds me of my puppy.

hee hee.

Hey! what wrong with the name theodore?
4/16/2010 c6 Uncle Rupert
His dad thinks he is gay *rolls on the floor laughing*

god i think any straight guy would die on the spot if their dad implied that. good chapter
4/16/2010 c5 Uncle Rupert
You know i think i like Emily. She is a bitch but no more then Noel really. Go bad guys!

And Noah is evil in this. evil. Noel would have never been that mean without his direction. see you can blame Noel all you want but if Noah hadn't suggested it, the best that would have happened was Emily would have snort green hair.

So i will be blaming Noah. ;p
4/16/2010 c4 Uncle Rupert
there so cute when they fight -insert awe-
4/16/2010 c3 Uncle Rupert
i love Chas. he is awesome. enough said.

And poet boy, thy steal my heart (yeah, i ain't so good with the poems.) don't you just want to squish him ;p

this was hilarous:

-"Well, just because you suffer I don't see why I should."

"The entire philosophy behind the Forty Hour Famine would beg to differ."-

cleaver and funny, how do you manage? ;p
4/14/2010 c2 Uncle Rupert
that had me giggling madly. good start
4/12/2010 c2 Dwindling Fire
WO i like Noel already :D
4/11/2010 c26 4Daphne.Claire
this has to be one of the best stories i have ever read. i absolutely loved it.
4/11/2010 c26 Anonymousreader
im in love with this story... And im supposed to be sleeping now and my mates are gonna kill if they find out 'cause apparently if you have to stay late up is 'cause you're sneaked out of your house from your parents if your done that your colxD ill never get them.

or you could be on face or something like that,, just not reading.

And i love my friends and all, but they're so super-ficial thinking about looks before personality, which annoys the hell out of me 'cause i have friends beside who are so not atractive.. but just plainly awesome.

Btw my friends do know that i think this.;)

I love this story, though the scene where he says he hates her just doesn't do it for me. there should be bit more to the situation;b but besides that i looved it all :D

loove the complaining teenage girl;b
4/7/2010 c26 SoRightItsWrong
I love how you managed to make this extremely funny but so heartbreakingly sad. It's written so well and I love your development of the characters. There is not much I can tell you to revise, in fact I think it's quite near perfect. Can't wait to see more from you!

4/1/2010 c3 18Layla the fiend
XD That random insane kid is my new hero/best friend. I could not stop laughing.
3/28/2010 c26 4fazzingaway
i just read your entire story in one sitting (it's five am now!) simply because i couldn't take my eyes off the screen. the story was beautifully written and i absolutely loved how real your characters came across and how well nicely their relationship developed. Kudos to you on an excellent job :)
3/27/2010 c26 2renegade01
awesome story.

tyler is a character who is memorable cos he's original yet still a jerk. i loved the way he spoke. ;)
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