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1/9/2010 c25 11Liveey123348
I Love this story! It made me laugh and cry and laugh again! you are a great author! I love the friendship emily and noel had I think it is very sad yet happy at the same time.. :) I think Tyler was always a bit of a jerk to noel and I think noel had to deal with alot of *stuff that would possibly cause me to crack and be confined in my room for like... ever Lol noel is very strong...

12/29/2009 c25 1decadebydecade
I'm sorry I've been too chickenshit to read this until its completion, but I couldn't forget how sucked in I was by the first version and then how anxious I was to read and read until the words got all muddled. I love what you've done with Noel's character-her self-realization was harsh enough to be realistic but Noel being Noel made the story endearing in a way I didn't think was possible. And Tyler was brilliant in his insecurities, and I love, love, love how you made him as messed up as possible, but maintained something that never made me hate him as I probably should have at times.
12/26/2009 c25 1Casablanca Dreams
Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year!)!

Man, I can't believe this is almost over. (Although this makes me incredibly happy, because know the burning question of Tyler? Noel? Tyler AND Noel has been answered. Partly. I can't wait for the epilogue!)

I've been absent from FP for the last two months-the last thing I did here was send you the PM. I've missed George. :) So you're in India right now, the weather must be nice! Though I don't know what I'm complaining about, considering how the monsoon never hit the last time it was there. But it's been a long while since I've been there. Actually, the real reason I checked in was because I couldn't stop wondering what was going on in WotW-when I thought about it in my spare moments, which are sadly few. I've decided to focus on writing, not reading, no matter how much I love the latter.

Anyways, you should know I died of...(happiness would be a little to lame and over-the-top, but it's 1:07, wait, no I just checked, 1:13 AM over here, and I really should be going to sleep soon, soo...) of satisfaction, I guess would be better? when Noel and Tyler finally made up-and out!-at the end. Though it was kind of rushed, to me, I guess, 'cuz of my hiatus and stuff, but it was stil-I don't know, I just really hate endings. :) Though I still have the epilogue to look forward to. :]

As for your request: I liked-no loved-this story because even though it had this faint sense of ethereal-ness, it was beautiful and funny, and while reading it, the only thing I could think about was what was going to happen next. I don't know why, but the whole story was pervaded with that whole tinge of sadness, and the change, how everything brightened up and and changed at the end was a twist-one I was hoping for, but didn't think I was going to get. Of course, there were minor things (mostly stuff I was curious about)-Emily and Noel were best friends (ish), but what about Jet? Emily and Noel's blow-up wasn't many years ago, so did Noel and Jet become friends really quickly? Okay, I just forgot my other questions...Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did,. Noel reads like someone you know, and somehow comes across as more realistic, she feels the same things that we do, instead of glossing over the stuff people think, you've done a really good job of keeping your characters real. Though I wonder, did you base them off anybody?
12/24/2009 c25 27why can't I just be tall
Wow, it's finish. I really Love this story, I love the beautifully messed up characters and all their flaws. I love the internal diologe and the way you've seemlessly meshed it with conversations. congratulations and feel proud, you've completed something with the potential to touch and in fact thanks to facebook has already touched milions of lives. please excuse my bad spelling but I can't be bothered to spell cheack this and I'm so bad at spelling. well done again and I can't wait to read the epilogue.
12/24/2009 c25 notyourbiz
Oh My Jesus! I swear to you that this story has been the only thing on mymind for the past three days! I discovered it and everytime I was dragged away from the computer I had Tyler and Noel's relationship stuck in my mind. I'm already a sucker for stories about fake boyfriends,but yours was so different. For starters the Noel wasn't a total tomboy :D She was actually really well rounded! I loved Noah, George, Chas, and Timmy! Emily, was a total bitch,but I still had to like her. In on of the chapters you were calling Tyler Dillion "Durgon', I just couldn't figure out why although you mentioned the name in an authour note. So did Tyler and Noel have sex in Candelbra? I assume they didn't but I had a little inkling of suspisio that they did...I almost thought they weren't gonna end up together! I loved this story, it was absolutley amazing! Keep writing!
12/23/2009 c25 17K.M.Mackenzie
Atm, my pride will only be topped when my future first born takes his/her first step! I am so proud of you. You know what I think. And I want to see the epilogue before you put it on here.

BEFORE writing aforementioned epilogue, please do two things-

1. Read your prologue at least twice.

2. Think back over the arch of your story. What have you learned as the writer? What have your readers supposed to have learned? What has Noel learned? (Insert other soul-searching questions of your choice here.)

Now you are ready to write your epilogue.

PS. If you f**k it up, you will have lost my respect forever. No pressure.

12/23/2009 c25 5kissmesober
Ohh babe, you finally got them together again! I actually think i was waiting for it to never happen haha.

I love the way most of this chapter is Noel thinking, and they way she feels. You can almost feel how bland she feels through the writing style, great job :)

I love this story, i truly do. You've done an amazing job the whole time of making each character have emotions that aren't too intense, and are real and human-like, while still keeping it interesting, and with drama, but just the right amount, not too much and not too little. Also the way you made sure that Noel was multi faceted, and had issues with her brother, and her parents, and also with her friends, and with tyler and with school, meant that we weren't focusing on one problem for too long, and that we were getting a full view of Noel's character.

You did a great job babe :)
12/23/2009 c25 1happy ever afterxx
Aw! That was so sweet! Ooh and I like this story because the characters are so well-developed and they change gradually over the course of the story instead of staying exactly the same or suddenly becoming angels overnight or something stupid like that. Also, the dialogue and back and forth between Noel and Tyler is really interesting :) Great story and I can't wait for the epilogue!
12/23/2009 c25 1goodbyemylover
what a coincidence! i'm going to india tomorrow, that's awesome!

this chapter was awesome! the whole time, i was holding my breath because i wanted

tyler and noel to work out their shit haha. will they be going to uni together? I'm from america so i'm not exactly sure how uni works. do they dorm or live at home?

I can't wait for the epilogue to see how the two are doing in the future. I really did love this chapter. Great job!
12/23/2009 c25 dust and glitter
this actually made me tear up. graduation sounds like such a beautiful thing with the way you describe it here. I'll compare when I get to that stage in my high school career.

your story has been amazing and I think this was the perfect finish ;)

have a lovely time in India and a wonderful Christmas/new year,

lots of love,


12/23/2009 c25 2toxic.fantasy
I got so caught up in the graduation moment that I spaced out on the rest. o.o

I kidd.

lol, the kissing moment in front of the crowd was so totally there.

It just happens. xD
12/20/2009 c24 7ChargedPotential
One word: Love.

You're a talented writer with amazingly vivid characters, and I will readily admit that I am about halfway in love with Chas. Hope to see an update soon, though I am a bit sad to hear that the story is coming to an end just as I've discovered it.
12/11/2009 c24 aneesa-93

Seriously, this story is so addictive and fun to read. I've just spent the past day and a half reading it (and probably failed my mocks as a result :/ ). It's really good - well done!

Can't wait for the epilogue.

12/10/2009 c24 17K.M.Mackenzie
You bitch. Got me all excited for nothing. Are you sending me that final chappy? Did you get my email address in one of my marathon PMs?

Alright, George says something something "you are come". I know the kid talks weird, but that is something else. Change it immediately to came or it sounds wrong in the worst possible way.

Be wary of you comma use. Too many and sometimes in the wrong places. Remember, if in dialogue you are saying "Thank you, Timmy", 'Timmy' is a qualifier and must be separate from the the pronoun 'you'.

You have been using Australian English to write this story, hence, you should remember we spell titles without a full stop, i.e. Mrs White, not Mrs. White.

Other than that, read through it again and see where you can take out "that" - it is a commonly over- and misused word.

This was well written in terms of actual content so it's all okay, but you're writing other, more important awesomeness so you need to take my feedback into consideration for the good of those stories. What was it?... Rapunzel. I can't remember.

I actually wrote you anther PM after the "And replying NOW" one. I always CC myself with them and I can't find it in my FP folder so I obviously f**ked up there. I'll write you another response now.

12/5/2009 c24 5kissmesober
Ohh deary me I cannot wait until Tyler and Noel get back together! And it's great that Noah and Noel finally made up :)

Can't wait until the next chapter lovely! This one was well worth the wait :)
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