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12/5/2009 c24 mgouda
score! :D

i really enjoyed reading this chapter- especially since i've been waiting around for it. i think you did a great job with including the tension between the characters, and the make-up between Noel and Noha- it was cute.

so. now i just have to wait for the final chapter, then i'll probably gush some more about the awesomeness of this story. :D
12/5/2009 c1 2me. yes. me
I just found this story and I'm glad I did! The prologue got me! Because I have and still do feel the same way about my life! I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting.. I can't wait to read the rest which I'm going to as soon as I click on the SUBMIT REVIEW button ;)
12/4/2009 c24 Alaris24
Love the chapter! Love the story, I like how real it feels, how some of the things Noel says and how she feels are so true and something you can identify with. Keep up the good work and update soon!
12/4/2009 c24 apple
i'll count the cliches! you should write a sequel! this shouldnt end so quickly!
12/4/2009 c24 2toxic.fantasy
girl's got game!

PLEASE add the next chapter before the end of the year?


As a christmas gift, a new year's present, and whatever else it might count as.


Love the last scene! Teehee xD
12/4/2009 c24 Ink-Stain'd
I can't believe the story is almost over. I'm happy that Noel is finally waking up and maturing as well as having her life slowly piece back together. I would like to see a confrontation between her and Emily in the next chapter! It's sad when things happen to good friends, I think a lot of people can relate to Noel's circumstance. It's somewhat of a cliche but who cares? I love cliches and all that matters is how you get to the ending. And your story has been on my alert list for a lonng time. I'm just a little sad about it ending but I guess it was a long time coming.
12/4/2009 c24 1happy ever afterxx
Oh yay you updated! Aw poor Noel :( Your updates feel like early Christmas presents, and who doesn't like them? I'm glad there's another chapter, that gives me longer to read the story :) but all the same, please update again soon
11/30/2009 c23 x-porcelain-x
Why does this story not have more reviews?

When I first started to read it, I was worried that it would be your typical cliche and it is (no offence).But the characters are so individual and unusual I was hooked (I'm blaming it on Tyler's vocabulary). So keep the updates coming, I've put this story up there with the greats so don't keep me waiting :P


Oh if you could have some final interaction between George and Tyler I'd definetely love you long time :D
11/4/2009 c23 blushed
omg. i can't wait for the ending! thanks for posting. still love this story after a year :)
10/30/2009 c23 17K.M.Mackenzie
Well, okay, you should have written the exam notes but I'm still over the moon because you updated. There were a couple of typos and I'd love to sink my beta fangs into this chapter and the rest of 'em. Dunno if you want me to, I just started the HSC syllabus so I can't do much right now anyways. Erm, I must admit that I might have to kill you if you have Tyler and Noel make up in the epilogue. I firmly believe epilogues are like side-notes. The Tyler aspect of this story is very forefront and needs to be cleared up in the bulk section, not the side-note. Of course you can do what you want, I'll just beat you to death with my words if you don't do what I want. ;) BTW,
10/28/2009 c23 5Kat The Great
I'm so glad I found this story, it's so romanticlly cheesey but in the best of ways. I can't wait for everything to be resolved in the most happiest of manors.

peace love happiness

Kat The Great
10/28/2009 c23 un chien andalusia
noel is such a flawed heroine. it's refreshing to read a story where the protagonist is made to undergo such a coming-of-age, to realise how her selfishness affects others, and to start to come to terms with it. great stuff.

oh, btw, absolutely adore the fratellis and KoL, so i appreciate your "use somebody" chappie title.
10/28/2009 c23 Shut Up and Smile
YAY for trying to write exam notes and failing :)

This was an awsome chapter, lots of reslution which is good. I'm happy she made up with her mum and sorta made up with Emliy. Tyler can be such a girl sometimes but I still love him and his PMSing. LOL at 'tantric sex.' Oh and at the start you say something about a 'yobbo' is that some weird terminology that I haven't heard of or is it suppose to be 'hobbo' ?

Oh and I did watch Aussie Idol on Sunday and I did see James' cover of use somebody which was AWSOME! hehe Yeah I'm cool ;) Though Haley and Stan were pretty good too :)

But anyway awsome chapter, I can't wait for more although I don't want it to end :'( *tear*

10/27/2009 c23 mgouda

seriously, im pretty amazed with this story. i love a story with a whole lot of drama, and, most importantly, character development. stories with a good character development makes me go crazy.

which is why, i think, i like this so much. you really made it clear how much Noel is learning from her actions, how is she changing and seeing herself with new eyes. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
10/27/2009 c23 1happy ever afterxx
Great update! Aw how sad for Noel, and no Tyler! More soon?
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