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9/26/2012 c1 glowingstar101
Amazing story! I read it all from start to finish in one sitting! Great job!
9/20/2012 c26 15newsoulz
I love your story so much! Your characters and their reactions are so realistic and although the plot could be considered "cliche," your take on Tyler and Noel's relationship is super unique. I also like how Emily and Noel's friendship was more than one-dimensional- you captured the complexity of their friendship really well. I went back and read "Caught in the Rain" and you've really improved so much that it inspires me to keep writing.
9/20/2012 c25 1Ceri Anne
I laughed all the way through this. Noel was absolutely brilliant and I loved her relationship with Noah. Tyler... I kinda wish I had a Tyler! Yeah he's a bit of an arse at times, but he's just so sexy! Loved this story
9/16/2012 c26 mareecee
This is a great story. I loved the characters and it was so well written. It was very realistic and a true growing up/coming of age type story not that dissimilar to a Melina Marchetta one! And thank you for setting it in Australia. Its always refreshing to read one set here, yet so many Australian authors try and right about the american high school experience for some reason I just don't understand.
9/15/2012 c1 21rosieroo
Hey there! Your story has already been added onto ADoR but I recently rewrote your review, so it's longer and better! Here it is:

Rosie Thinks: While prologues can be a bit useless sometimes, I found that blak pearl's prologue did an amazing job of showcasing Noel's voice. It also gives a nice, almost whimsical start to the story. The premise for the story is a bit cliche (fake-dating-for-revenge) but blak pearl makes the idea entirely her own. For one, it's set in Sydney (I've gotta love a fellow Sydney-sider) and the details blak pearl includes in it really sets the location in concrete. It's also a welcome break from the many high school stories set in America, as it gives a pretty good look into a different education system.

Tyler is, of course, a jerk - this is hate/love people, what do you expect? But he is an intelligent, posh jerk and I loved the scenes with him in it. He is also one of the main reasons why I love this story so much, since he is quite a lot different from other male love interests out there. He and Noel are complete opposites so it was brilliant reading about how their relationship develops. I really like how throughout the story, all of the characters (particularly Tyler) remained true to themselves and didn't act out of character.

Noel made for a great main character. She could have come across as a bit of a queen bee but I found that she was much too earnest for that to happen, despite being overdramatic. She also makes a few mistakes and learns from them, which makes her a more realistic character. It starts off as a light-hearted, humourous read but as the story develops, some heart-wrenching storylines come into play, making it just that much more interesting. blak pearl writes in a way that is slightly poetic, but still conveys Noel's strong voice. The grammar, spelling and punctuation is spot on.

8/26/2012 c1 Darling Deer
I am in love with Tyler. This story is amazing and I can't even..
Ugh all i could do is write a shitty review, sorry. I love this story and I am speechless.
8/18/2012 c26 Miss.gonnastabyou
This is such an excellent story and I absolutely love how Australian it is. Thank you.
8/5/2012 c1 10sportluvr
really good and entertaining! the epilogue i thought was a little random
7/28/2012 c26 RubyRed22
Yay! I think the epilogue was a bit unnecessary, but it was still a great fluffy cliché (which I
love!), that also seriously gave my vocabulary a run for its money! I really admired how you made Noel's character reflect upon her feelings and I couldn't help but feel so empathetic when she had all these problems on her shoulders, then feel giddy when you set everything in a compromising way. I think it would have helped to be more descriptive with things like the people and settings; I mean, I don't even know what colour Noel's hair and eyes are! it was a bit rushed at the end - zooming through the school year, no explanations of anyone's specific plans for the future... Then, just plopping every one of them down into some university. Okay, okay, I am being a bit harsh, so I'll stop berating you finally. I'll tell you this, though - I love happy endings. ;)
6/3/2012 c26 1N-K-W
I love this, you should do a sequel.
6/3/2012 c21 N-K-W
Steamy. ;)
6/3/2012 c19 N-K-W
6/3/2012 c15 N-K-W
Yay! Happiness, and a truce. Plus terror, all the good makings for a story. :P
6/3/2012 c14 N-K-W
I like Kendall, she is very sweet. :)
6/3/2012 c13 N-K-W
"We both look at Dad, who is pouring soy sauce into the saucepan, and prodding the contents like it is an alien life form."


I love this story, it is very well written.
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