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6/18/2017 c19 CannibalCupcake
D: You said there would be more *Cries and goes through withdrawal*
6/18/2017 c1 CannibalCupcake
OMG this is to cute I'm loving it so far!
5/15/2016 c19 Chrisbear
I'm so sad that this author stopped posting I really loved this it was awesome I love winter because he reminds me of a friend like this whole group of people sounds like my friends I showed everyone(no shame lol) but my friend like purple not pink ) I really hope this gets continued oh and I bet he's in love with LP BECAUSE LP IS ADORBS
3/23/2016 c2 Nai2016
OMG OMG Rayne is so freaking adorable i love this story!
9/7/2015 c19 Guest
Just read all the chapters and it's actually a really great story with relatable characters. I would suggest more thoroughly proof reading though. Besides the grammatical errors you find scattered through the story, it seems as if you sometimes miss adding entire words. I can't wait to read the next chapter though, let the angst begin
7/12/2015 c19 2Fobbster
(This is referring to who Keane likes)
7/12/2015 c14 Fobbster
Don't you dare run away, Rayne.
7/2/2015 c1 Guest
Spade-sama! Why have you not updated in... 7 years?! You disappeared around then and we all miss you! Please update soon! Also, could I make this into a bl? I love you!
5/30/2014 c19 Guest
I think Kaene is in love with Sable, but not sure really. Please write more chapters because I absolutely LOVE his story and it's one of the best ones I've read in a while! Thanks so much! U r the best!
5/30/2014 c12 Guest
::blows kiss back:: u r awesome, and not trying to spun creepy or anything, but I love this story so far! Thx for writing it!
5/30/2014 c9 Guest
Totally Tom man
2/15/2014 c19 Matt Le Bleu
What a shame this has been discontinued for so long. I would have liked to see what happened, especially since all the characters are so vibrant and distinct despite having so many of them.

Your writing style is very fluid and your dialogue is strong. Sometimes you could probably brush up on continuity - for example Rayne's first chapters have a lot to do with 'following the script' and acting. But you dropped that language and the hints towards his out of school past times quite quickly after he starts talking to Aedan. Other than than, largely well-written with few typos and errors.

Anyway, I hope you've continued to write and wish you every success.

Matt le Bleu.
2/13/2014 c19 7TunglMed
WOAH, six years on and still no next chapter with a bit more Aedan-Rayne info?! That's just ridiculous.
I know there's probably no hope now, but this does make me terribly sad :(

I actually read this a while ago and recently thought "Wait, what was that amazing fic I read that I couldn't stop telling everyone about?" And couldn't believe that I hadn't faved or even reviewed (which meant it took me a good while of mean detective work to finally find it again).

So here, finally, is my review. I don't know if this amazing author is still on fp but if you are: You Are Amazing!
I loved this story so much, it beats every other story that I've ever loved so much (I think). Rayne is so unbelievable naïve but you make it work so well. I love how you make everything part of a script at the beginning and how everyone talks over Rayne and he has no clue.

[Sorry for the hideously long review!] xxxx Med
9/16/2013 c19 Guest
But... what happened to the update you mentioned? :(

Such a great fic, one of my favourites ;) I love Rayne, he is so cute and innocent and I love how you put everything in his perspective. He's adorable!
8/14/2013 c3 Guest
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