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2/22/2008 c10 8Mr.M7
Woah, Raven is so hardcore, and ... scary. You are so mean to Jett, you know that?

Ah, well, makes for a good story so I won't complain.
2/20/2008 c9 Mr.M7
Now he's being chased by two of them? Poor kid.
2/19/2008 c8 Mr.M7
Ya know, I'm actually stating to feel sorry for Gray. All he wants to do is just hang out and do nothing but now he's gotta kill some kid who just won't die!
2/17/2008 c6 Mr.M7
Poor Jett, He's got a psyco trying to kill him no way to get home and now pigs. At least he now has a little glimer of hope! But knowing you you'll probaly snatch it away you cruel, cruel author!

Keep up the good work!
1/26/2008 c5 68circus12head8
I finally got around to reading one of your stories lol. I liked this one, it's got an interesting story, and some cool scenes. I liked the whole dangling over a chasm part, as well as when Gray came to retrieve Jett. Lots of symbolism and stuff going on there, as well as with Ravia. I'm excited to see where this goes, and what secrets the flyers are hiding.
1/14/2008 c5 4Iccle Fairy
very exciting chapter. good to learn a little more! keep it up!
1/14/2008 c4 Iccle Fairy
great chapter! sorry for the lack of reply as of yet!
11/24/2007 c3 Iccle Fairy
he's so gonna go with the flyer options and become amazing isn't he? :) great chapter! I like this 'grey' character! great! keep it up! fran ~*~
11/24/2007 c2 Iccle Fairy
ooh very exciting! great chapter! very intriguing!
11/22/2007 c1 Iccle Fairy
ooh really good start! very exciting! you know that I liked the flyers from your other stories! can't wait to read more! keep it up! fran ~*~
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