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8/19/2011 c1 midnight tales
This was breathtaking. I love the imagery especially. Very, very beautiful.
7/3/2008 c1 4B. J. Winters
The imagery here was creative and not cliche. I liked the variety that you chose and progression of silence, to playing to dust.

I liked the use of breathing. It added movement so that you could see the player, and perhaps empathize.

Little details were good (e.g. grass stained dress, rather than just dress).

You stayed heavily in the "sound" rhelm for your pictures. I would have liked to see you use all five senses - perhaps being that much more creative and somehow incorporated smell and taste. Maybe it's not necessary, but such a thing might round the overall picture.

Glad you kept this as a once shot. Like any rich desert the bites should be small and savored.

Nice job.
5/5/2008 c1 5once rained for
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...I have never read anything describe an art so wondrously before. After reading this, you've made me realize that being able to play piano is something I really should cherish, especially since I'm recognizing all the emotion you portray in this piece of work. I don't think I want my passion to be buried again- thankyou. :']]

You also have an amazing talent with words and imagery, especially description. At the end of this story- because you make it seem like a story in itself- I was actually looking for the applause of the audience, because the pianist deserved it so much. I love the metaphors you wove into this, and look forward to more of your work!
3/8/2008 c1 40Madame Y
This was absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous.

You've expressed feelings that I don't even feel, or realize I've always felt, while playing the piano.

I love the interaction between the performer and the audience, and the creation vs. destruction.

"The strength and poetry of a violent wind ripping apart the branches of a frail cherry tree" is exactly how I'll describe the Chopin etude I'm playing right now! Murderous, but beautiful!

Keep up the excellent work!
1/26/2008 c1 29Violent.Delights
Oh wow. I am actually lost for words...this is beautiful. You made me ache to play the piano reading this, to evoke the emotions and scenes you described. Ahh your writing is full of power and passion, and it takes the reader on a journey of emotions. I adore this. Keep writing. x
12/24/2007 c1 1Vera Ann Ross
Very Beautiful...what else so say...I loved it. The way you captured the emotion and 'art' of playing the piano. You are fantastic writer and I was glad to finnaly have read one of your original works. The very flow of words, the sounds, everything mixed together beautifuly. Well it was great, fantastic. Just wow.

happy writing.


aka Spacy
11/23/2007 c1 2Estora

So...darn poetic! Geeze, I know you told me you played the piano but WOW. This is incredible. I play the piano too, but I always get stage fright when I play in front of people so I freeze up and hit the notes rather than feeling the music and art you have so extravagantly described here.

Let me bask in your talent for a moment...ahh, there we go.

Anyways. This was a gorgeous one-shot. Really nice. *Hugs ficlet*

Well, I have to shoot off now - tennis match to play in and my hands are dead so I probably won't be able to hold the racquet properly - so I'll just wrap up my initial thought of this in one word:



~ Estora ~









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