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4/12/2008 c6 22effervescent-sentiments
Again, amusing. Light-hearted. Fine by me.

I'm liking mystery guy - obviously - more than Valentin, who seems . . . bleh. But, once again, you've got to develop everyone more before I can decide; I feel like I barely know them.

Try to update faster, please!
4/12/2008 c5 effervescent-sentiments
Ah, this is amusing. Very nice.

About Valentin- and all of your characters, really- I think you need to develop them more. They all feel . . . monotonous? The same. Except Edwin; he's got that "mysterious alure" thing going on.

That's my advice, along with: quit it with the runons!

4/9/2008 c1 1claireponcherrii
i like this a lot
4/4/2008 c1 1Sonya Elizabeth
very nice chapter, but i must say that was a little confusing... perhaps introducing so many people in the first chapter might not be the best decision... but other than that it was enjoyable.
2/18/2008 c4 22effervescent-sentiments
You switched from first-person to third-person quite a bit. Please try not to.

That's about it, though. Good writing, update soon!
2/18/2008 c3 effervescent-sentiments
Oh, so Edwin isn't mystery guy?

Thanks for letting that slip.


Haha, just kidding. :)
2/18/2008 c1 effervescent-sentiments
I like it; it's very witty, and has a nice story line set up.

Romantic interest identified, which certainly keeps my interest.

Overall, nice start! Off to the next chapter.
12/28/2007 c3 InvisibleLight
Good chapter, update as soon as possible (:

-GN Perone
12/26/2007 c3 3porcelain rose
This story is very intriguing. The way you write really helps me to understand Audra's personality. I'd love to get to know more about Edwin. Good job, keep writing. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
12/3/2007 c2 InvisibleLight
Don't worry, it was long enough and I thought it was good. (: I wonder who mystery guy is. O. Hehe, I've always wanted to do that. Heck, I'll do it again. O. Ha! Sorry, I'm a bit weird, but I love the story and I know how good reviews make people feel. So, here I am! And you are now on my favorite's list and I'll try to review for the rest of the story. (:

-GN Perone
12/3/2007 c1 InvisibleLight
Hmm, I like it. Good job. Hope there's more stuff with Edwin and Audra in the next chapter. -waggles eyebrows- lol, off to the next chapter I go! (:

-GN Perone
12/3/2007 c2 theforbiddensong
sveet story, well written and all. fun, if slightly cliched plot. can't wait for more :3
11/24/2007 c1 2vivling
well that's a promising start.my cousins are triplets and they had their weddings in one month(separately) and we had to spend the whole month in the middle of nowhere because i quote "it's so poetic to have your wedding in the nature away from the city" ad my family...well we kind hate each other...something to do with my great-grandfathers wiil...so imagine 96 people sittying at dinner and not saying a thing.i know all abot shitty family renunions

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