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for Luna Noël

3/30/2008 c1 64fatbird33
great descriptions
1/15/2008 c1 879Moondog Dozier
You've captured such a fragile scene in this. I feel sad that I had not read this before now, as it has gotten tougher and tougher to stay current with anything these days. I applaud this, as it represents so fully the concepts that I attempt to ensnare. Nature, tenderness, man-woman's connection to the totality of everythingness. You've put a smile on my face, which is a difficult task these days, so thank you. A favorite for sure, and again I apologize for not reading this sooner. MD:77.
12/19/2007 c1 38DeathMetal18
wow...that was intense...

"Below,the picnic tables broken and nervous;

weightless, I rose to find December"

Favorite line...I felt...serene, Like there is not a care in the world and Im right there enjoying it, soaking in the rays of serenity, great job.

12/1/2007 c1 8kaorayen
I absolutely love the personification of the picnic tables in this piece. And I can definately relate to it, I wait for snow every year, and it always makes me feel closer to Christmas when it arrives. You captured that longing feeling for snow perfectly.

This poem makes me feel hope. It's beautiful.
11/27/2007 c1 57empathic life
Breathtaking. The word choice was perfect, with the contrast of snow's ethereal beauty and then the dreary fall... The repetition was a marvelous touch. I especially love how the whole poem feels like an intermission of some sorts... How it starts in the middle of a thought, and ends at the beginning of another... Gorgeous. You still make me jealous beyond belief, love... I miss you. -e.l.
11/25/2007 c1 33WyrdWolf
This really exuded hope in big waves; it had a very lifting sensation. The final pair of stanzas were really perfect for augmenting that effect.

11/24/2007 c1 162setne
A wonderful, wonderful poem and I do indeed recognize some Moondog Dozier in there, though it has your own unique twist. It also found it very interesting to start a poem with "and"; not much seen, but working well here. The title is a wonderful combination of languages and the imagery is very keen. A good piece of work, glad you're back once more!

- Anaare

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