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4/17/2008 c10 Chronically Creative
From what I see, Alex didn't do anything. Charlie's the one who kept breaking his heart when he was taking care of her. I'm still happy there together =]
4/12/2008 c3 Renaxi
i hated this story themain character was a complete slut I mean she was basically cheating on alex with noah and then gets angry when he's upset what is wrong with that sitiation.
4/12/2008 c10 4rocknrosebubbles
loved the story :) please think about a sequal cos i think it would be good :)
4/11/2008 c10 outsidersgirl
i like it the way it is
4/11/2008 c6 outsidersgirl
a good chapter
4/10/2008 c2 1MsQueenOfTheWorld
Interesting, but out of curiosity what country does this take place in? Cuz the legal drinking age in a lot of places isn't 18, but 21.
4/10/2008 c10 LostinLov3
too cute. the picture perfect ending. such an adorable little family and romance. i loved reading this story and i love the final wrap up story. as for a sequal... what would the plot be? i feel like u've already finished their story...
4/10/2008 c9 LostinLov3
phew! i thought she'd gotten away. i'm so happy for them. yeah, such a cute love story. oh and please do the final chapter thing. it always wrapps things up so nicely...
3/8/2008 c8 4rocknrosebubbles
:O no! she cant go with him she needs to be with alex! please say she will be with alex. update soon, dont leave me hanging like this
3/7/2008 c8 CoryD
Cute story - nice fast pace is good for a short on line read, and you would have plenty of content available should you develop it into a more complex story.
3/7/2008 c8 1tanya2byour21
I hope Alex can stop her. I love it and please post more when you can.

3/6/2008 c7 tanya2byour21
I love it please post more when you can.

3/6/2008 c7 2crazychic7278
what an awesome story...i hope you update soon
3/5/2008 c7 4Carina
So I loved the story up until the point where Charlie left and didn't allow Alex to see the birth of his daughter. That's such a bitchy and selfish thing to do and I'm surprised you haven't had Alex argue with her about it.
1/20/2008 c6 1Fleeting Moment
THat can't be all of it! I love this story! UPDATE!
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